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SPSM-IL_21.1.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: January 21, 2021



Release Note

SPEDSM-36847504 Eligibility

Updated the Follow-up Eligibility Meeting date to add 3 years minus 1 day from the previous eligibility meeting date. The 504 Eligibility Meeting date will now only flow to the 504 profile when the form is finalized.

SPEDSM-36105504 Eligibility

Updated follow-up meeting date document field to allow the user to edit the date.

SPEDSM-34664Eligibility Report

Fixed an issue where the parent names and the signature section would not appear within the Participants Information when DocuSign is turned off.


Updated the following sections within IEP:

  • In the Educational Services and Placement section, "Percentage of Time Inside the Special Education Environment" within Timeframe 1, 2, and 3 will derive its value by dividing "Total Number of Minutes Outside the General Education" by "Total Bell to Bell Minutes."
  • In the IEP Conference Summary Report section, the "Date of Most Recent Evaluation" will refresh the date from the Eligibility profile each time the user opens the IEP.
  • In the IEP Conference Summary Report section, the "Date of Most Recent Evaluation" will no longer flow back to the Eligibility profile upon finalization.

Updated the Progress section to not copy data from a previous finalized IEP document.

  • Modified the Special Education Start Date on the Placement profile to update only when the finalized IEP is an Initial IEP.
  • Changed the Eligibility Determination Date on the Eligibility Profile to "Most Recent Eligibility Determination Date."
SPEDSM-33940IEP > Educational Services & Placement section

Fixed an issue where users would get an error message when trying to save the "Educational Services and Placement" section.

SPEDSM-32182Languages Keyword Table

Modified the Languages keyword table to be administrator-editable.

SPEDSM-35979Notice of Conference Recommendations

Updated the formatting of the letter when the user clicks Bulk-Print. The form will now print all check box values when printing. Added parent/guardian addresses on the letter.

SPEDSM-36597Notification of Conference

Updated the form adjusting formatting, adding parent/guardian address information. All meeting purposes now print, updated the footer to match the state form as well as general formatting changes.

SPEDSM-30157Notification of Conference

Fixed issues with bulk printing.

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