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SPSM-IL_21.10.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: October 25, 2021



Release Note

SPEDDEV-19040eSchoolPLUS Export FACT DistrictDefined
  • Created a new export report called “eSchoolPLUS Export FACT DistrictDefined“ located within the eSP Exports reporting category. 
  • The report will include all students with an active IEP and where the DLM checkbox is selected in the FACTS profile. The report export will report a value of 05 and insert that value in the eSchoolPLUS, Student, ISBE, and then ISGBE-PreID field. 
SPEDSM-40429Goal Wizard

Updated the Goal Wizard behavior so that when the administrator turns the Goal Wizard On or Off, the goal data still appears on previously created forms.

Note to Administrator: 
The "Goal Wizard Enabled" option in the Globals profile has been moved to the IEP Template Behavior Option called "Use Goal Wizard." You can access the option through Administration, Configuration, Document Templates, School Age IEP, Properties, and then Edit Template Behavior Options.

SPEDSM-43620Notification of Conference

Corrected the document for the word "individuals" is misspelled as "indiiduals."

SPEDSM-47869Notification of Conference Recommendations

Removed the translatable property from the following fields:

  • Name
  • Address
SPEDDEV-22931PowerSchool SIS Integration: BIP Alert

Added the BIP column to the Powerschool Alert export report. When the value is set to Yes, the BIP icon will appear in PowerSchool SIS when a student has an active BIP form in PowerSchool Special Programs.

SPEDSM-47603Student Profile
  • Created a new field labeled "Behavioral Intervention Plan" on the Eligibility profile.
  • Updated to display a BIP icon for the student in PowerSchool Special Programs when the Behavioral Intervention Plan checkbox is selected.
SPEDSM-42679Unlimited Contacts Update Script

Updated the Unlimited Contacts Update script "Copy_student_contacts_into_students" to handle deletions of contacts in PowerSchool Special Programs when the contact is removed from the PowerSchool SIS.

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