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SPSM-IL_21.4.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: May 4, 2021



Release Note

SPEDSM-37122Additional Notes Form

Added a new required field under "DATE OF MEETING" labeled "TODAY’S DATE."

SPEDSM-40625Eligibility Report

Fixed an issue where a "SIGN" button appears on the SLD section where the "Yes" or "No" checkboxes would appear.

SPEDSM-19536FACTS Out of District Form

Added a new field labeled "Initiation Date of Services" with a date control. Upon finalizing the form, the date flows to the Placement profile, "Special Ed Start Date" field.


Re-formatted the fields on the Globals area.


Updated the Timeframe 1, 2, and 3 calculations for field 5 Percentage of Time inside the SE Environment to divide "Total Number of Minutes Outside the General Education" by "Instructional Minutes."

SPEDSM-38859IEP > Facts Profile > Related Services/Services Profiles

IEP Changes 

  • Created a new form behavior option labeled "Service Provider."

  • On the Ed Services and Placement section, added the "Service Provider" field with a lookup and non-lookup next to each service name. The "Service Provider" field displays in the four areas if the new behavior option is selected and suppressed on PRINT and data flows to the Facts profile.

 Facts Profile 

  • Added Related Services - Inside General Education. Data flows from the IEP form.

  • Added Other Services. Data flows from the IEP form.

  • Added a new field for each of the grids, and each service added labeled "Service Provider," which flows the data from the IEP form.

SPEDSM-41351Notice of Conference Recommendations

Updated the form to match the new state form on the ISBE site.

SPEDSM-39005Notification of Conference

Added the “Student Name” field on the letter.

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