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SPSM-KS_21.10.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: October 22, 2021



Release Note

SPEDSM-49615Document templates

Updated the template name for 504 Files (Attachment Only) [504FileDoc] to "504 Files (Attachments Only)[504FileDoc]" so that the nomenclature matches across databases. Additionally, set the ELL Parent Notification[ELLParNot] document to Active.

SPEDSM-47607GradeTable keyword table

Added an entry for G99 in the GradeTable keyword table so that Graduated Students are correctly mapped when imported from PowerSchool SIS. In addition, the keyword table is admin-editable to allow district administrators the ability to add entries if needed.

SPEDSM-48807KAADLMSubject keyword table

Updated the KAADLMSubject Keyword Table to make HGSS (grades 6, 8, and 11) even-numbered years set to "No" for InUse and added an entry for HGSS (grades 4, 7, and 11). In addition, when navigating to Statewide Assessments and Accommodations within Assessments in an IEP, after choosing Dynamic Learning Maps Alternate Assessments, you can now select the options for HGSS (grades 4, 7, and 11).

SPEDSM-49704Languages keyword table

Updated the Languages keyword table to match the state guidelines.

SPEDSM-40844Related Services

Updated Related Services to prevent errors when generating state reports. For example, the service dates sometimes overlapped when a student had an IEP and Related Services for one school year and when a new IEP is created for the next school year. This overlap caused errors for the Related Service records when generating state reports.
Made the following fixes to prevent these errors:

  • Created a report titled “Overlapped RelService Records” to display any students with overlapping service records.
  • Created a script, which can be run at any time to fix service records with overlapping dates. The script will update any student records where services end after a new IEP has been created. For example, related services may start from 03/23/2021 and end on 04/20/2022, but a new IEP was created on 4/15/2022. This record would get updated so that the end date of services is 4/14/2022 so that there is no overlap.

On newly created IEPs, a section action will display if service dates entered overlap with existing service records. Additionally, once the IEP is finalized, the Related Services profile will automatically truncate the overlapping service dates, if necessary. 

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