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SPSM-KS_21.2.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: March 4, 2021



Release Note

SPEDSM-33824Documents Not Needed

Removed the following list of documents from the "Documents Not Needed" category:

  • Invitation to a Meeting
  • Referral
  • Prior Written Notice
  • Manifestation Determination
  • Agreement to Waive Reevaluation
  • Parent/Guardian Excusal
  • Parent Consent for Evaluation
  • Revocation of Consent for Special Ed & Related Svc
SPEDSM-36669Evaluation Report

Updated the DisabilityCatgories keyword table so that "Gifted and Talented" will appear in the dropdown lists for "Student’s Primary Exceptionality" and "Student's Secondary Exceptionality."

SPEDSM-36270Excusal From Attendance at IEP Meeting

Fixed an issue on the Excusal From Attendance at IEP Meeting so that only one option is required for parents to select if they agree/disagree or consent/do not consent. Previously, an option from both areas was required to be selected.

SPEDSM-36167IEP: Cover Page

Fixed an issue on the Cover Page where the IEP Meeting Date was copying over when creating a new IEP even though "Prevent Copying from This Section" was selected.

SPEDSM-35280IEP: IEP Team Meeting Participants

Fixed an issue where the IEP Team Meeting Participants section would display an error. This would happen when "Other" is selected, the section would add a new row and make the row a required field. Now, the section will not add a new row until the user chooses to add one.

SPEDSM-35898IEP: Program Modifications and Supports

Updated the Program Modifications and Supports section so that the TransportationCB field flows to the SpedTrans field in the Student Profile once the document is finalized.

SPEDSM-38215IEP: Services/State Report

Fixed an issue on the Services/State Reporting section to make the Service Chart/State Reporting area required before the IEP can be finalized. Previously, the area was not required and IEPs were being finalized without the Services/State Reporting section being completed.

SPEDSM-35902PWN for Identification/Request for Consent

Updated the PWN for Identification/Request for Consent document so that an Educational Advocate can sign via DocuSign.

SPEDSM-37287Reevaluation Not Needed Agreement Form

Updated the Reevaluation Not Needed Agreement form so that an Educational Advocate can sign via DocuSign.

SPEDSM-33825RTI Flag

Added the RTI Flag to appear for students that have an RTI plan. This flag will appear if there is a Date of Individual Instructional Plan or a Date of Group Instructional Plan entered. If a date is entered into the Intervention Exit Date, then the RTI Flag will be removed.

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