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SPSM-MA_21.1.1.0 Release Notes

Massachusetts Release Dates



Release Note

SPEDSM-36656IEP Goals

Fixed an issue where the goal data would not appear correctly when the Globals > Goal Wizard was disabled/enabled while draft IEP's existed. Updated IEP to use UseGoalWizard. This new field will help determine which field to display on the "Measurable Annual Goals" and "Progress Report" sections.

SPEDDEV-16841PowerSchool - Student Import (model) and Student Import Change Notification

Fixed the translation for Enrollment Exit Reason. Previously, the Enrollment Exit Reason translated 01 value as 05-Expelled in Special Programs.

SPEDDEV-16665PowerSchool SIS Integration: PowerSchool- AlternateStaffLocation Change Notification & Power Query

Updated the PowerSchool SIS - AlternateStaffLocation Change Notifications. Fixed an issue updating a query that was not working.

Note: The Customer will need to update the PowerSchool Special Programs plug-in for PowerSchool SIS after the January release is deployed. Contact the PowerSchool support team for help with downloading the newest plug-in.

A day after the model deployment and after the plug-in is updated, the customer will go to Administration > Configuration > Integration > Review the PowerSchool AlternateStaffLocation Import (model) for row errors.
If the customer gets errors (in yellow), click the link to open the details. Search for "Row rejected because the other match value would not be unique within the system."
If any of these errors are found, then contact the PowerSchool support team to log a ticket referencing 

If none of these errors appear, the integration is successful.

SPEDDEV-16903Student Import

Changed the "1" in the query to "-1" to include pre-registered students.

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