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SPSM-MA_22.4.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: April 29, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-45105504 Evaluation
  • Reformatted the Procedural Safeguard acknowledgment checkbox area. 
  • Added space to separate the "I have received a copy of Section 504 Notice of Procedural Safeguards" from the two consent checkboxes.
SPEDSM-53709Meeting Invitation

Resolved formatting issues that would occur in the translated version of the document when printing.

SPEDSM-56975PL1 Document

Revised the formatting of the PL1 document in the following templates:

  • Individualized Education Program
  • Placement Consent Form - PL1: Aged 3-5 
  • Placement Consent Form - PL1: Aged 5 (enrolled in kindergarten) and aged 6-21
SPEDSM-57017Placement Consent Form

Renamed the template “Placement Consent Form - PL1: 6-21“ to “Placement Consent Form - PL1: 5 in K and 6-21.“

SPEDSM-56215Profile Type: StudentContacts

Introduced the following new fields for capturing the primary language of two parents:

  • Parent1PrimaryLanguage
  • Parent2PrimaryLanguage
SPEDSM-57581 Special Education Eligibility/Initial and Reevaluation Determination

Revised the text for student eligibility determination according to the latest guidelines.

SPEDSM-57655SupportService Keyword Table

Replaced the old service capture codes with new ones.

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