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SPSM-MA_22.8.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: August 19, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-51280Enrollment End Date

Modified the criteria to ensure that students are not marked as exited until the end date is reached.

SPEDSM-63323ESOL Monitoring

Added an ability for districts to actively monitor students who have exited an ELE education program for four years.

SPEDSM-65325Former English Language Learners (FEL) Tag for ESOL Students

Added a tag for FEL. It would help staff identify students whose primary language is not English.

SPEDSM-63721Individualized Education Program (IEP) Amendment

Modified the IEP Amendment document to display only those parents who are authorized to receive letters to appear in the Administrative Data Sheet section.

SPEDSM-66331SLD Determination Document

Added an ability for staff, parents, and other participants to specify their agreement or disagreement with the findings in the SLD - Team Determination of Eligibility section.

SPEDSM-65072Student Profile

Added a warning message to alert the user to enter the primary disability before entering a secondary disability.

SPEDSM-65010Student Reporting Profile

Added the number for relevant codes to be displayed along with the description in the reporting section of a student's profile.

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