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SPSM-MA_23.12.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: December 13, 2023



Release Note


Accommodations and Modifications

Made the following changes to the Accommodations and Modifications section of the IEP document:

  • Modified textboxes to accommodate 400 characters, up from 255 characters currently.

  • Additional rows can now be added for each Accommodations and Modifications row, including Classroom Accommodations, Non-Academic Settings, Extracurricular Activities, and Community/Workplace.


Individualized Education Program

Removed character limits on certain fields within the IEP document.


MAIEP: Globals Option

Introduced a new "Move to 2024 Massachusetts IEP" option in the globals. Once users have selected the option, earlier sections of the IEP will be made unavailable.

When users have selected the option:

  • When opening an existing non-finalized document, old sections are deleted, and new sections are added.

  • When creating a new document, only new sections are added even if the user has selected earlier sections of the IEP.

  • Old sections will be permanently disabled for existing finalized documents. New sections will only be enabled when a Revision document is created.


MAIEP: Section Names

Sections of the IEP prior to 2024 are now labeled with (Pre-2024). To access these sections, ensure that the "Move to 2024 Massachusetts IEP" global option is turned OFF.

Enabling the ON option will allow you to access the latest templates.


MCAS 9-12 Universal Accessibility

When “MCAS 9-12” is selected in the State and District-wide assessments section of the IEP document, Universal Accessibility features are available.


PLAAFP Additional Areas

Additional rows can now be added as needed in the following sections of the new IEP document template:

  • PLAAFP: Additional Areas

  • PLAAFP: Communication

  • PLAAFP: Behavior, Social and Emotional Areas

  • PLAAFP: Academics


Report: Service Capture - Delivered Services (Grid A, B, C)

Created a new report called Service Capture - Delivered Services (Grid A, B, C) that includes all delivered services for all students, regardless of their consent and eligibility status.


State Assessments

Added ACCESS (Grades K-12) to the State Assessments list.

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