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SPSM-MA_24.3.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: March 7, 2024



Release Note


Baseline Progress Monitoring

Added baseline progress monitoring to the measurable annual goals section of the IEP document, with an option to display progress in text or graph format.


Digital Signature

Additional LEA representatives can now digitally sign the response section of the IEP document.


IEP: Accommodations and Modifications

Added large text areas to capture accommodations and modifications provided to students as part of their IEP.


Non-Participation Justification

Removed the non-participation justification area from the Participation in the General Education Settings section of the IEP document per the revised state guidelines.


PLAAFP: Academics

Revised the formatting for the PLAAFP: Academics section of the IEP document according to the revised state guidelines.


Post-Secondary Transition Planning Update

Changed the planned course of study in the post-secondary section of the IEP document to align with State Documentation format.


Service Delivery Grids

Added service delivery grids in accordance with the state guidelines to the following sections:

  • Service Delivery

  • Extended School Year

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