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SPSM-MD_21.7.1.0 Release Notes

Maryland Release Dates



Release Note

SPEDSM-35706Demographics/Enrollment, Contact Info, and Eligibility Profiles
  • Fixed some minor alignment issues in the Demographics/Enrollment, Contact Info, and Eligibility Profiles.
  • Fields that were not 508 compliant are now compliant.
SPEDDEV-20577GeneralEdStudent Import

Updated the GeneralEdStudent Import so that the HomeSchool and PrimaryLocation fields will pull data in from the PowerSchool SIS.

SPEDDEV-20999Integration with eSchoolPlus

Added the following import layouts to the MDMODEL so that data can be pulled in from eSchoolPlus into Special Programs:

  • eSchoolPLUS - AdminUser-AlternateStaffLocations Import
  • eSchoolPLUS - AdminUsers Import
  • eSchoolPLUS - AlternateStaffLocations Import
  • eSchoolPLUS - District Import
  • eSchoolPLUS - GeneralEdStudent Demographics Import
  • eSchoolPLUS - Location Import
  • eSchoolPLUS - Staff Import
  • eSchoolPLUS - Student Contact 1 Import
  • eSchoolPLUS - Student Contact 2 Import
  • eSchoolPLUS - Student Contact 3 Import
  • eSchoolPLUS - Student Demographics Import
  • eSchoolPLUS - Student Enrollment Import
  • eSchoolPLUS - StudentContact Import (model)

Additionally, some exports will also write back to eSchoolPlus from Special Programs for 504 data.

SPEDSM-35965S_MD_STU_X export report

Fixed an issue in the S_MD_STU_X export report where an ID parameter was present, so the report did not pull all students into the report.

SPEDSM-43583Section 504 - Authorization for Release/Exchange of Information
  • Configured the “Section 504 Authorization for Release/Exchange of Information” document so that parents and students can now sign via DocuSign.
  • Renamed the document in the list to “Section 504 - Auth for Release/Exchange of Info.” Previously, there were two documents with the same name, which confused users when searching.
SPEDSM-38829Section 504 - Eligibility

Fixed an issue on Section 504 - Eligibility document where the translatable property was not enabled for the placeholder of the fields.

SPEDSM-42995Section 504 - Manifestation Determination Review
  • Configured the Section 504 - Manifestation Determination Review document so that parents can now sign via DocuSign.
  • When DocuSign is not enabled, the following fields are editable:
    • Section 504 Coordinator or Designee 
    • Parent/Guardian
    • Date fields
    • I agree/I disagree
SPEDSM-36037Section 504 - Meeting Notice and Invitation
  • Changed the text in Section 504 - Meeting Notice and Invitation document for when the student is invited. Previously, the invite to review your child’s eligibility was addressed to your child instead of you (the parent/guardian).
  • Fixed an issue where the document did not pull in “his/her” pronouns correctly based on the student’s gender.
SPEDSM-42994Section 504 - Plan

Configured the Section 504 - Plan document so that parents and staff under Meeting Participants can now sign via DocuSign.

SPEDSM-40436Student Profile: Section 504

Added the Section504Disability field to the Section 504 profile for Students. The field label is listed as “504 Disability.”

SPEDSM-45068Student Profile: Student Contacts
  • Updated the Student Contact section to pull in the correct fields from eSchoolPlus. It includes the fields for Guardian 1 through Guardian 4, including First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name.
  • Added a field called Address 2 when creating a new Student Contact record.
SPEDSM-42992Written Notice/Consent

Configured the Written Notice/Consent document so that parents can now sign via DocuSign.

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