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SPSM-MD_23.5.1.0 Release Notes

Release Date: May 30, 2023



Release Note


eSignature Configuration for Manifestation Meeting Process [MANMEETING] form.

Updated the Manifestation Meeting Process [MANMEETING] form so users can sign via Digital Signature. Students can sign the document when they are 14 years or older. Please note the existing section was retired, and a new section was created to accommodate these changes. These changes will not affect existing finalized documents, but moving forward, when a new document is created, these changes will be visible.


Updated FIVE04PLAN

Added a field to enter the staff’s email address or display the information from the staff profile on the Form “Section 504 - Plan” (Five04Plan) near the line “Any questions regarding the implementation and review of the 504 Accommodation Plan should be directed to.”








Updated Guardian Names on documents

Updated multiple documents to use the separate First Name, Last Name fields for Guardians from the Contact Info profile. The following documents were updated with this change:

  • 60-Day Timeline Exception for Determining Initial Eligibility

  • Assistive Technology Process

  • Authorization for Release/Exchange of Information

  • Comprehensive Evaluation Review

  • Documentation of Comparable Services

  • Extended Individualized Family Service Plan Option

  • Extended School Year Process

  • Gifted Individualized Education plan

  • Gifted Written Report

  • Informed Consent for Termination of Special Education Services

  • Invitation to Participate in a Gifted Team Meeting

  • Manifestation Meeting Process

  • Meeting Process

  • Notice of Intent to Reevaluate

  • Notice of Recommended Assignment

  • Parent/Guardian Invite Elem & MS

  • Parent/Guardian Invite High School

  • Parent Letter for Intervention (Entrance)

  • Parent Letter Intervention (Exit)

  • Permission to Evaluate - Gifted

  • Referral Process

  • Section 504 - Auth for Release/Exchange of Info

  • Section 504 - Eligibility

  • Section 504 - Manifestation Determination Review

  • Section 504 - Meeting Notice and Invitation

  • Section 504 - Plan

  • Service Plan

  • State IEP

  • Transition from Part C to B

  • Written Notice/Consent


Updated Keyword table 'Languages'

Added missing languages in the Keyword table 'Languages' to match 'eSchoolPLUS - Student Demographics Import'. The languages added include:

  • SGN - Sign Languages

  • AAR - Afar

  • UKR - Ukranian


Updated Section 504 - Eligibility form to address Easy Edit issues

Fixed an issue on Section 504 - Eligibility [Five04Elig] form where the user could not adjust the text of “PARENT CONTACT” to “PARENT/GUARDIAN CONTACT” using Easy Edit.


Updates to Section 504 - Plan Form

Updated the form Section 504 - Plan [Five04Plan] to be aligned with all the necessary requirements in Maryland-Assessment-Accessibility-and-Accommodations-Policy-Manual-2018_FINAL-1.pdf. The list of accommodations now includes category 1 and 2 items. Under the Instructional and Testing Accommodations area on the Section 504 Plan, categories 1 (Features for All Students) and 2 (Accessibility Features for All Students) were added. Also, added “Document basis for decision:” to record information.


Updates to Section 504 Profile

Updated the label “Student is eligible under Section 504” on Section 504 under the student profile to “Student has a 504 Plan.”

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