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SPSM-MI_21.7.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: July 23, 2021



Release Note

SPEDSM-37367AccommodationsTests Keyword Table

Added the following values to the “AccommodationsTests” keyword table:

  • District Developed Math Alt.
  • District Developed ELA Alt.
SPEDSM-42472Eligibility Recommendation document

Fixed an issue where the text in the Reason for Assessment area was cut off.

SPEDSM-42767IEP: IEP at a Glance

Updated the IEP at a Glance section:

  • Added:
    • Special Education Programs and Services
  • Removed:
    • Non-essential Student Demographics information
    • Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance
SPEDSM-30007IEP: Participants and Profile section

Added a signature area to the Participants and Profile section of the IEP.

  • Added a new GLOBALS checkbox option, "Show signature lines for IEP Participants," above the IEPProgress Options.
  • If the administrator selects this GLOBALS option, the system will provide a line next to each participant's name (in view and print mode).
  • This option is un-selected by default.
SPEDSM-41659IEP: Programs and Services

Fixed an issue where the associated text boxes were displayed when “No” was selected for the “Yes” or “No” checkbox immediately after “Guidance: A physician statement is required….”

SPEDSM-40209IEP: Transition Considerations

Updated the system to not allow the section to be completed when the Parent has not given consent to include a community agency representative and the Parent's consent/no-consent signature was given after the Superintendents' signatures.


Added the option to include more participants who could attend the meeting.


When an IFSP is set to "Periodic Review" on the cover sheet, and the parent consent checkbox at the top of the Early Intervention Services or Other Services section is set to "No," the Parent Signature section of the Consent and Commitment page will be suppressed.

SPEDSM-45099Invitation to Attend IEP Meeting document

Updated the document so that multiple attendees can now be selected in the Invitation area. However, only the first two attendees (who are selected to attend) will appear in the Invited Team Members area.

Per state guidelines, each of those attendees will be listed as a Parent/Guardian.

SPEDSM-35363IS_SPED Profile Tag

Updated to display the "IS_SPED" profile tag for students who have not exited Special Ed and have an IEP Plan Type with a primary disability.

SPEDSM-40759Parent Notification and Consent for Medicaid document

Retired and replaced the "Medicaid Parent Notification and Consent" document with the "Parent Notification and Consent for Medicaid" document. There is no "as of" date in the new document, which allows users to use it for both special and general education students. This new document will enable users to obtain parental consent to bill Medicaid one time - even when students transition from special education to general education and vice versa.

SPEDSM-35131REED And Consent To Evaluate a document

Added the functionality to format text under the following areas of the document:

  • Previous evaluation team findings
  • State and district assessments
  • Classroom-based assessments and observations
  • Observations by teachers/providers of related services
SPEDSM-41745ServiceTypeTable keyword table

Added new values to the ServiceTypeTable keyword table (used) to maintain compliance. This keyword table is used for the "Service Type" drop-down list of the Student Profile: Service Record section.

SPEDSM-43109Student Contacts

When a student’s contact is removed from the PowerSchool SIS, that contact is also removed from the Demographics section of the Student Profile.

SPEDSM-42771Student Profile

Updated the following Students' profile types to display the most recent profiles at the top:

(Students Child Profile Name: Field Name)

  • ContactLogs: ContactDate
  • DocumentDeliveries: DateOfDelivery
  • EnrollmentRecords: EnrollmentStartDate
  • Prescriptions: EffectiveDate
  • DocumentDeliveries: DateOfDelivery
  • PlanLogs: PlanDate
SPEDSM-42772Student Profile Caseload

Included the following fields to the List Column view:

  • Position
  • Role
SPEDSM-35812Student profile: Programs and Services
  • Updated the Programs and Services section. The "Physician Verification" field will now have three options:
    • N/A
    • Yes
    • No
  • When “Shortened School Day” is No, any of the three options can be selected and saved.
    Note: If a selection is not made, the system will automatically default to "N/A."
  • When "Shortened School Day" is Yes, N/A cannot be selected and saved.
    Note: If a selection is not made, the system will automatically default to "No."
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