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SPSM-MI_22.6.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: June 14, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-63072Birth to 3 IFSP Document
  • Made the Measurable Results/Outcomes section mandatory when the IFSP Meeting Purpose is Initial, Annual, and Periodic Review.
  • Modified the data flow for the Eligibility criteria from the document and student profile.
  • Changed how No Date is recorded when there is no change in placement or services as part of Early Intervention. The Meeting Date will be used as the parent’s consent is not sought in such cases.
SPEDSM-61745CEPI Early On SP_2021 Report

Modified the report to show the corresponding codes instead of the description for each of the following columns:

  • Early On:Service Coord Agency
  • Part C Assessment Entry:DataSource
  • Part C Assessment Entry:ParentInput
  • Part C Assessment Entry:SocialRelationships
  • Part C Assessment Entry:KnowledgeSkills
  • Part C Assessment Entry:Actions
SPEDSM-62532Digital Signature

Added Digital Signature to the following documents:

  • District Notice section in the REED And Consent To Evaluate Document.
  • Evaluation Information & Assurances section in the Eligibility Recommendation Document.
SPEDSM-63101Early On Prior Written Notice

Added a constraint to make the Date of Evaluation mandatory before the notice is finalized.

SPEDSM-63102K-12 Nonpublic Service Plan
  • Retired the Medicaid Parent Notification and Consent section as the standalone document titled Parent Notification and Consent for Medicaid has replaced it.
  • Modified plain textboxes to long textboxes so that users can enter formatted text while entering information in Student Profile and Eligibility under the Eligibility and Present Level section.
SPEDSM-53720PersonnelPosition Keyword Table
  • Added the Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) position to the PersonnelPosition Keyword Table.
  • Updated the StaffRoleTable Keyword Table to be admin-editable for future changes. Also, added the InUse column for users to include or exclude keywords.
SPEDSM-35212Primary Eligibility

Added a data flow for Primary Eligibility from the Eligibility Recommendation document to the profile.

SPEDSM-63081Section 504 Documents

Modified plain textboxes to long textboxes so that users can enter formatted text while entering information in Section 504 Plan and Section 504 Eligibility Determination documents.

SPEDSM-63070Service Capture Constraints

Added a constraint that keeps a service record from being entered if the duration is less than 15 minutes and more than 90 minutes for the following keywords:

  • BHCI-Individual Behavioral Health Counseling [H0004]
  • H0004GT- Telepractice Individual Behavioral Health Counseling [H0004 GT]
SPEDSM-61335ServiceTypeTable Keyword Table
  • Modified the table to be admin editable for future modifications.
  • Added a column for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) position.
SPEDSM-63098Student Demographic Information

Added the Former Last Name field to the Student Demographics profile to provide a solution to identify students who have had a legal name change efficiently.

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