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SPSM-MI_23.7.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: July 27, 2023



Release Note


Birth to 3 IFSP

Improved the system so that the Completion Date is based on IFSP Date instead of Meeting Date.


Birth to 3 IFSP

Modified the condition that prevented staff users from finalizing the IFSP document


Determination of Services to Deliver FAPE

Added a new document to determine services after a disciplinary removal has occurred.


Early On Consent to Evaluate

This enhancement ensures that when Digital Signature is “ON”, only one of the "Agree" and "Disagree" checkboxes can be selected at any point in time. Additionally, it allows staff to add a digital signature to the document.


Eligibility Recommendation

Made the following compliance changes:

  • Changed the text from "An orientation and mobility evaluation" to "A certified orientation and mobility specialist conducted an orientation and mobility evaluation that complies with MARSE 340.1708.”

  • The student can be determined as Eligible even if the Orientation and Mobility Evaluation is False.


EOEligibilityReason keyword table

Changed keyword C08 description from “Infection Conditions” to “Infectious Conditions.”


Individualized Education Program

Added new options in the dropdown for the Accommodations and Alternative Assessments section in the IEP document.


Individualized Education Program

The WIDA testing accommodations section in the IEP Document has been updated to meet state compliance standards.


Individualized Education Program

When the "Resident District Superintendent/Designees" signs an Individualized Education Program, the Date field in the "Notice Regarding Provision of Special Education" section will be automatically filled in.


Individualized Education Program

Added a lookup for the "Resident District Superintendent/Designee" in the "Notice Regarding Provision of Special Education" section, even if the student is not eligible.


Invitation to Attend a Meeting

Enabled the Revision documents property for the document.


Invitation to Attend a Meeting

Enabled Easy Edit to support the additional information area within the document.


M-Step and MI-Access Additional Options

Added new M-Step and MI-Access options to the Transfer of Student with Disability - Part B and Section 504 - Plan documents.


MSDS Collection Updates

MSDS Collection Updates based on legislative changes in the following areas:

  • Report: CEPI SP 2022-2023 - Renaming Entry Assessments and Exit Assessments to Entry Rating and Exit Rating.

  • Report: CEPI Early On SP_2021 - Renaming Assessment Date and Assessment Type to Rating Date and Rating Type.

  • Keyword Table: Education Setting - Primary Education Setting “14” is no longer used for reporting purposes and has been removed.


Notice of a Change in Placement

Create a new document for capturing short-term suspensions of students.


Pattern of Removals

Modified behavior ensures that by adding new incidents to the document, the previous determination of a pattern will be retained.


Plan of Care (Behavioral Services)

A new document called "Plan of Care" now captures a student's medical or behavioral diagnosis, along with a plan to address it and progress monitoring, parent, and district concerns.


Plan of Care Medical Signature

Medical providers and clinicians can sign off on a Plan of Care developed for a student using a new document called "Plan of Care Medical Signature.”


Plan of Care Meduclaims

We have created an export report for Meduclaim with the following fields under a separate category titled Meduclaim Reports. Selection criteria - students should be active and not exited.

  • ID (UIC)

  • First Name

  • Middle Name

  • Last Name

  • DOB

  • Consent to Bill Medicaid

  • Consent Date Medicaid

  • District Code


ProgramServiceCode keyword table

Administrators can now add values to the ProgramServiceCode keyword table.


Report: PowerSchool - Students - S/P - MI - GC

Revised the report to account for students who receive Special Education services but are not enrolled in a Special Education program.


Student Profile: Special Education Eligibility

The qualifying criteria from new finalized IEP would delete older records and be recorded in the Special Education Eligibility section of the student profile.


SupportServiceCodes keyword table

The prescription for audiological services has been changed from NO to YES.


Update Script: Still In ISD

Added an option where Admin can disable the Still In ISD update script so that ISD Teachers/Staff are not able to see students who are no longer at their school.

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