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SPSM-MI_24.2.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: February 7, 2024



Release Note


EO Service Components Profile

Added the stylized text option to the notes text box on the EO Service Components profile.


New Profiles - Accommodations, M-Step/MI-Access Assessments and Early Literacy/Math Accomms

I added three new child profiles called Accommodations, M-Step/MI-Access Assessments, and Early Literacy/Math Accomms. Data flows from all three documents: IEP, Section 504 Plan, and Transfer of Student with a disability upon finalization to the respective new child profiles.

The most recent finalized document will display the accommodations in the Accommodations profile, M-Step and MI-Access assessments in the M-Step/MI-Access Assessments profile and Early Literacy and Mathematics Benchmark Assessment Accommodations in the Early Literacy/Math Accomms profile. Also, removed the data flow to the existing Test Accomms profile.


IEP, Section 504 Plan and Transfer of Student with Disability Documents

Made the following changes in the IEP, Section 504 Plan, and Transfer of Student with Disability documents:

  • The keyword tables AccommodationsTests, TestingAccommodation, UniversalAccommodations, DesignatedSupportsAccom, and Accommodations are admin-editable and are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Updated the text from (1-12) to (K-12) in all three assessment names: WIDA Access Online (1-12), WIDA Access Paper (1-12), and WIDA Alternate Access Paper (1-12).

  • Suppressed the blank text boxes and grids when no data is added to the grid.

  • On the IEP Accommodations page, modified the help text above the assessments grid to include the text WorkKeys after SAT. The text now appears: Use this for Michigan Assessments, WIDA, PSAT, SAT, WorkKeys and District Developed assessments.

  • When an assessment of the type ACT Workkeys is selected, only the ACT WorkKeys related items will display in the Time/Schedule, Setting, Presentation and Response drop-down lists. Any non-related ACT Workkeys items will no longer be displayed in the drop-down list.

  • Prefix WorkKeys will be removed from the descriptions for ACT WorkKeys assessments in the Time/Schedule, Setting, Presentation and Response drop-down values.

  • When creating an IEP and selecting the copy from a previous document, the new document will not copy in the Purpose of the IEP Team Meeting and Date of Revision values.


 Student Count Worksheets - Resident / Non-Resident FTE Calculation

Corrected the calculation logic used for showing the student as Resident/Non-Resident in the FTE grid of the Student Count Worksheets document. It is addressed in all four quadrants of the Resident/Non-Resident FTE grid and on all 14 pages of the Worksheets of the document.
The students will be shown as Resident only when their Attending School is the same as the EO Attending School, and the Enrollment Exit Date is either empty or greater than or equal to the Globals.CurrentCountDate
Before this release, the students who had exited Early On services before the Current Count Date were displayed as Residents even though their Attending School and Enrollment Schools were different when the student had re-joined with a different Enrollment School than what it was at the time of exit and the same previous Attending School. It is because the program was still looking at the student's previous Enrollment School that the student was attending before the exit. It is now resolved.


Student Count Worksheets - Set Intermediate Values Section Action

Resolved an issue where Sp ED FTE and General Education FTE would calculate incorrectly as it directly used the Early Childhood Program Time or Early Childhood Services Time for the WorksAt school when the student was no longer Early On without checking if the student had exited before the current count date. It was due to the missing parenthesis in the section action Set Intermediate Values. It is now updated to include the missing parenthesis in the section action Set Intermediate Values.


IFSP Document Meeting Purposes

Set the IEPPurpose keyword table value C3 Reevaluation to No on the IFSP column so that the value does not appear on the IFSP document.


Plan of Care Medical Signature

Cleared the Add Remove through Workflow Only section property in the POC Medical Signature section of the IEP, Non-Public, IFSP, and Transfer of Student with Disability document templates.


Release of Information - Sign Paper Copy Checkbox

Added a new checkbox named Parent/Guardian/Student will sign paper copy to support the paper copy signatures. Staff can now select the sign paper copy checkbox if signatures will be captured through paper copy. Otherwise, signatures will need to be completed through digital signature.

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