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SPSM-MO_21.1.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: February 5, 2021



Release Note

SPEDSM-30832504 Plan
  • Updated the indentation in the sections below within the 504 Plan:
    • Accommodations/Services
    • Position Responsible
    • When/How Progress will be Reviewed and Assessed
      The text within these sections will now appear left-justified.
  • The Acknowledgement section will only appear when the meeting purpose is Initial.
SPEDSM-19884504 Plan: Acknowledgement

The Acknowledgement section will only appear when the meeting purpose is Initial.

SPEDSM-34811Child Count Report

Corrected a typo within the Child Count Report. "Sped Propram Exit code" was changed to "Sped Program Exit Code".

SPEDSM-34415Demographics/Enrollment/Contact Info Profile

Fixed an issue where Person 3 and Person 4 data would not appear within Demographics/Enrollment/Contact Info Profile.

SPEDSM-32819Description of Areas to be Assessed and Known Test

Increased the size of the 'Other' text area to 300 characters for the following sections:

  • Speech/Language
  • Social/Emotional/Behavioral
SPEDSM-34320Eligibility Profile

Updated the description for C09 (in the EligibilityCatgories keyword table) from "Learning Disabilities" to "Specific Learning Disability". This change will reflect anywhere the EligibilityCatgories keyword table is used.

SPEDSM-36168Evaluation Report

Fixed an issue where sentences within the Evaluation Report would have extra periods.

SPEDSM-32907Gifted Invitation Letter and 504 Invitation Letter

Updated the following forms so users can select either a lookup location or add a non-look location:

  • Gifted (GftInvite)
  • 504 Invitation letter (504MeetNot)
SPEDSM-32535Prior Written Notice

Updated the Procedural Safeguards Statement. Changed the school district contact from "Special Services Coordinator" to "District Administrator."

SPEDSM-32100ProvisionMethod keyword table

Updated the ProvisionMethod keyword table to be admin-editable. School districts can now add provision methods.

SPEDSM-37710SCRIPT: Updated Education Env Placement
  • Added a new script that will run daily. It will update the Special Education Placement value on the Child Count profile based on the latest finalized IEP. The script will use the date ranges on the Placement Considerations and Decision section of the form.
  • Created a document action that will prevent users from adding two Educational Environment grids with overlapping date ranges.
SPEDSM-34101ServicesLocations Keyword Table

Updated the following changes to the ServicesLocations keyword table:

  • Added an 'InUse' column with a value of "Yes" for all keywords except for "Special/General Education". This will reflect in profiles/forms that use the keyword table.
SPEDSM-33137Student Invitation to a Transition IEP Meeting

Updated the "Location" field by adding a non-lookup value.

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