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SPSM-MO_23.7.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: July 10, 2023



Release Note


Evaluation Report

Resolved an issue where the checkbox for Does student have limited English proficiency? was not appearing on the document.


Evaluation Report

Resolved an issue where information from the Motor section of the Review of Existing Data document was not flowing to the Motor section in the Evaluation Report document.



Resolved an issue in Form D - Part 1 - Section A, where an error would occur when the user selected “None recommended by team.”



Resolved an issue where the staff was not prompted to choose between two checkboxes in the Services section. Now, the staff is required to select either "documented on alternate form f" or "None.”


Prior Written Notice

A signature will be necessary if the Parent/Guardian selects the "I understand prior written notice..." checkbox during Digital Signature.


Prior Written Notice

Removed the ability for Parents to select checkboxes under Consent REQUIRED for Action to be Carried Out.


Prior Written Notice

Resolved an issue where the Parent Signature and Date Signed would not appear after the document was digitally signed.


RTI Documents

Imported the RTI documents to the Missouri PowerSchool Special Programs Model. However, its usability may vary among MO customers depending on the modules they have purchased.

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