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SPSM-MS_21.6.1.0 Release Notes

The release notes for this version are not considered final until the actual software release date.

Mississippi Release Dates



Release Note

SPEDSM-44076IEP > Goals and Objectives/Benchmarks

Updated the Goals and Objectives/Benchmarks section of the IEP to include the Annual Goal Baseline Data for students aged two and older. Previously, the Annual Goal Baseline Data area would only show up for students aged three and older.

SPEDSM-40633IEP > IEP Committee Participants

Fixed an issue in the IEP Committee Participants section of the IEP where the Parent/Guardian signature line would not appear in Edit mode.

SPEDSM-40628IEP > IEP Committee Participants

Configured the IEP Committee Participants section of the IEP for DocuSign so that participants can sign the document.

SPEDSM-41610IEP > Individual Transition Plan

Updated the Individual Transition Plan section of the IEP to select the endorsements listed under Traditional Diploma. Previously, these endorsements were not editable.

SPEDSM-43974IEP > Special Considerations > Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)

Fixed an issue on the BIP section within Special Considerations where the Review/Revised Dates appeared regardless of if Yes or No was selected for "Has a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) based on a Functional Behavioral Assessment been developed?." Now, when No is selected for this question, the Review/Revised Dates will no longer appear.

SPEDSM-41350Translatable fields on IEP and Prior Written Notice

Updated the IEP and Prior Written Notice documents so that all long text fields now have the Translatable property selected to allow these fields to be translated.

SPEDSM-43439Unlimited Contacts Integration with PowerSchool SIS

Added the Unlimited Contacts integration with PowerSchool SIS to the MSMODEL. It includes the following updates:

  • Added a new student profile titled Student Contacts.
  • Added a new import layout titled PowerSchool - StudentContact Import.
  • Added a field labeled "Has Custody" to each of the four contacts under the Contact Information area of the Student Information profile.
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