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SPSM-MS_24.5.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: May 28, 2023



Release Note


Accommodation Keyword Table

  • Added a text box for 'Extra time' (Keyword - 20) and allowed the test to be administered over several days, specifying the duration of each session [Not applicable for the speaking component] (Keyword - 25) whenever the user selects those values from the dropdown in the 'Timing and Scheduling Accommodations' area in the Accessibility/Accommodations section.

  • The textbox fields are required fields for completing the form.


Assessment Team Report Form

Created a child template for the Testing Conditions and Behaviors area with Columns Test Name, Administered by, Date Administered, and Additional Information to accommodate the multiple test information.


 IEP, Section 504 - Plan, Section 504 - Eligibility documents, and Student Profile section

Fixed the leap year issue that prevented users from finalizing the IEP, Section 504 Plan, and Section 504 Eligibility documents and Student Profile section.


Individualized Education Program (IEP) Form

  • Updated the Evaluations area to be non-required in the IEP Committee Participants section so that users can proceed without filling in the data in this area.

  • Baseline data is required in the Goals and Objectives section.

  • Mandated Academic, Functional, and Other areas in the Annual Goal section of the Goals and Objective section, regardless of student age.

  • Removed the General/Special Education option from the Special Education and Related Services dropdown menu in the Services, Accommodations, and Modifications.

  • Added the Separate School option to the location dropdown menu for Special Education, Related Services in the Services, Accommodations, and Modifications.

  • Enabled the Other Non-allowable accommodation option to correct the code value. Earlier, it showed a 98 code value instead of a 99 in the Accessibility/Accommodations section.

  • Added the other text box whenever the selection of Accommodations is specified in the Accessibility/Accommodations section.

  • Updated the listed three endorsements as optional in the Traditional Diploma area in the Individual Transition Plan.

  • Updated the Initial Placement permission under the initial or annual signature area as required when a student is in the initial IEP; otherwise, it’s not required for the Annual IEP in the Signature Page for the IEP section.

  • Updated the ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF STATE TESTING area as required for pre-K up to third grade. From fourth grade and above, this section is not required.


SpecEdService Keyword Table

Updated the SpecEdService keyword table according to the latest state document.

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