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SPSM-NB_23.10.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: October 26, 2023



Release Note


StaffPositions Keyword Table

Added a custom keyword description and corrected the order to display as per state compliance.


Global Profile

Added IntegrationExportDate field in the Global profile section.


Équipe stratégique scolaire

  • Added Date de la grille d’autonomie date field.

  • Removed ‘Créer une grille d'autonomie field.

  • Updated to display the red LIRE text properly that appears when hovering over the LIRE text.


Bloc Notes Form

Added the following labels in the Preset Document Labels/Comments field:

  • Communication

  • Compétences socioaffectives

  • Développement moteur

  • Littératie

  • Numératie

  • Technologie d’assistance


 Assistive Technology and Adaptive Equipment App Form

Updated the numeric range from 50 to unlimited for both the field's Cost and the Cost for training.


ESS Request for Services Form

Updated to display the Teaching and Intervention process map links in view mode.


Assistive Tech and Adaptive Equipment Inventory and ESS Team meeting Agenda, Minutes Form

Enabled the Revision Document property to obtain the revised version of the document.


StudentGuardians Import

Resolved the duplicate row issue.

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