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SPSM-NB_23.6.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: June 30, 2023



Release Note


Updates to Assistive Tech and Adaptive Equipment Inventory document template

Updated the Assistive Technology table on the Assistive Technology Inventory be pushed to the student's profile without finalizing the document.


Updates to ESS Request for Services document template

  • Updated Speech Language section of the ESS Request for Services document, removal of Action column, and addition of Date, Status, and Concerns columns.  

  • Added text instructions to Send Message with Document to the person(s) entered in the Send Request To text box(es) for the District, Speech Language, Child and Youth, and OT/PT sections.


Updates to ESS Team Meeting Agenda, Minutes document template

  • Within the ESS Team Meeting Agenda, added a status column with repeating rows for the Date field and status dropdown to the New Action Items table on the systemic section of the ESS Team Agenda, Minutes document.

  • Within the Individual Student Focus Section, added two columns to the Student Table: Grade (which would populate) and Homeroom Teacher (which would also populate). 

  • Within the School-Wide Systemic Focus Section, fixed issues with stylized text boxes in the "Review Action Items," the Notes column for "Current Systemic Issues," "Celebrations," and "Notes" fields.


Updates to Needs Assessment document template

Updated four links in the “Needs Assessment” document associated with the paper clip icon.


Updates to Personalized Learning Plan document template

  • The Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) document template now includes additional positions under the "Justification Summary: Current Services" section. These positions include a Behaviour Intervention Mentor, Resource Specialist for Assessment and Intervention, School Counselor, School Psychologist, and School Social Worker.

  • In the PLP document template, in “Justification Summary: Current Services,” fixed commas appear after one item, not appearing in the list of two items.

  • Added the “Cell Phone Number” field to the PLP document template. This field populates from the profile/SIS to the Student Information section of the Personalized Learning Plan.

  • Redesigned the BSP document template.

  • Added a comma to appear after the “Speech to Text Software” in the PLP document template, in ACC.

  • Moved the quotation mark and removed the colon in the IBSP document template, in “Proactive Strategies on and Short Term Intervention.”

  • Fixed an issue when creating a copy of a Personalized Learning Plan for the new school year; the information on the Type of Personalized Learning Plan(s) section copies over even when not selected to be copied. Also, removed the action to copy the ADJ.

  • Removed paperclips for the following:

    • Baseline of Target Behavior

    • Current and Ongoing Datea During Instruction


Updates to Équipe stratégique scolaire document template

  • Updated the field “Membres permanents de l'équipe stratégique” to pull from keyword table “F_Services_dappui” instead of Staff Position from Staff Lookup.

  • Removed the “Créer une grille d'autonomie  LIRE” checkbox. The associated date will always be visible.

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