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SPSM-NJ_21.3.1.0 Release Notes

New Jersey Release Dates



Release Note

SPEDSM-25993Forms > All Documents - Receives Letters

Modified forms to use the "Receives Letter" flag in the profile to display parent names.

SPEDSM-35053Gender keyword table

Added a new gender field "Non-Binary/Undesignated (X)" to the keyword table. The following pronouns have been added for the software to automate some text like he/she/they:

  • Reflective = Themself
  • Possessive Pronoun = They
  • Subjective = They
  • Objective = Self

This table is admin-editable and the "InUse" column has been added.

SPEDSM-37396IEP > Cover Page: Initial IEP Delay Reason Rule

Added meeting reason, Initial IEP to the Delay Reason rule so Transfers, Annual Review, Amendments will not require a delay reason when data is missing.

SPEDSM-37397 IEP > Cover Page: Initial Eligibility Information Section

Added a new section to the Cover Page titled "Initial Eligibility Information." This block is read-only if data exists or is editable only if blank (i.e. transfer students). Newly added data will flow to the profile on finalization.

SPEDSM-37398Initial Identification/Evaluation Planning Mtg: No Evaluation or DNQ

Added data flow from a finalized Initial Identification/Eval Planning Mtg - No Eval form date to a new Profile.
Eligibility, Evaluation not Warranted field.

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