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SPSM-NJ_21.7.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: July 23, 2021



Release Note

SPEDSM-43908IEP: Cover Page - Changes to Initial Eligibility block

Moved the following Initial Eligibility fields to a single area on the Cover Page:

  • Parent Consent Obtained 
  • Parent Consent to Implement Initial IEP
  • Initial Process Delay Reason
SPEDSM-43909IEP: Cover Page - Next Location

Added Non-Lookup functionality to the "Next Year's Location" field so staff can enter the data they want for Grade 12 graduating students.

SPEDSM-43901IEP: Graduation - NJSmart

Added the following new profile fields for NJ Smart with data flow from a finalized IEP:

  • IEP Graduation CourseRequirement
  • IEP Graduation Attendance Requirement

Note: A future request for Data Integration to PowerSchool SIS is due.

SPEDSM-43906IEP: Graduation - PARCC text change

Updated the outdated PARCC text to NJSLA.

SPEDSM-44055IEP: Semi

Added the following forms as a selectable section within the IEP:

  • Medicaid Annual Notification
  • Medicaid Parent Consent
SPEDSM-46007Initial ID/Eval Planning

Made the following changes to Initial ID/Eval Planning Meeting form:

  • Modified the form not to flow data to Profile, Eligibility, Evaluation Not Warranted. 
  • Document Delivery for Initial Evaluations will update if this drop-down list is changed. 

Note: Reevaluation information will not flow to the profile from this form.

SPEDSM-44272Invitations: Parent Address

Corrected the second Parent's Name and Address to display in the correct postal format.

SPEDSM-46930Rename ProgramType keyword - Behavioral Disabilities

Changed the Program Type from Behavioral Disabilities Special Class to Emotional Regulation Impairment Class to match the disability.

SPEDSM-44812NJIEP: DLM Guidelines - Science

Modified the DLM Guidelines to require only Science for Grade 5, 8, and 11 students.

SPEDSM-43692Revocation of Consent

Corrected the typo of "eligibile."

SPEDSM-46131Section 504: Notice of 504 Identification Determination Summary

Made the following changes to the Notice of 504 Identification Determination Summary document:

  • Modified the Section 504 Team’s analysis area to allow only one checkbox upon finalization and flow of appropriate information to profile fields.
  • Section 504 Representative lookup functionality will autofill the position and phone number if they exist in the staff record. These fields are now mandatory.
SPEDSM-45388Section 504: Profiles & Dataflow
  • Added new profile to track the following Section 504 information:
    • Referrals
    • Consents
    • Eligibility Meeting Date
    • Plan Date 
    • Anticipated Review
    • Manifestation Determination Review 
    • Date of Section 504 exit
  • Creation of a new form will update the new profile fields.
  • Added the Document Delivery to Section 504 Consent form.
SPEDSM-46071Speech IEP: Cover Page

Updated all labels on the Speech IEP Cover page. The labels are now displayed with "Speech" prefaced to avoid confusion with the regular IEP and data flows to the Speech Profile.

SPEDSM-43942Summary of Performance - DCF
  • Replaced the text "NJ Division of Youth and Family Services (NJDYFS)" with "Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P)."
  • Updated the states' website link on the form.
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