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SPSM-NJ_22.2.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: March 15, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-54055Digital Signature

Digital Signature is now available for New Jersey Special Education forms. For additional information, contact your account representative.

You must be on platform 21.6.0 or later and New Jersey model SPEDSM_21.12.1.0.

To know more on Special Programs Digital Signature, click here.

SPEDSM-53932Digital Signature: All requiring forms

Added Digital Signature to the following forms that require a signature:

  • Forms updates:
  • Invitations
  • Eligibility Report
  • Reevaluation Notice
  • Initial Identification/Evaluation Planning Meeting form
  • Invitation to an Initial Identification Meeting Form
  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
  • IEP Amendment Proposal
  • Notice of IEP Review
  • Service Plan
  • Summary of Performance
  • Manifestation Determiantion
  • Request o Amend without a meeting
  • Consent to Invite Agency Reps
  • Release of Information
  • Meeting Participants
  • Parent Consent for Medicaid Reimbursement
  • Medicaid Parent Consent (SEMI)

For additional information, contact your Customer Service Representative.

SPEDSM-46479IEP, Goals, Standards, Curriculum type = Progress Indicator

Modified the Student Learning Standards, Curriculum type = Progress Indicator, to be added in the Objective textbox, not in the Sub-Standard for this type.

SPEDSM-52753IEP, IEP Review Section: Signature Line

Updated the IEP Review section. The Parents'/Guardians' names and signature lines now appear whether DocuSign is off or on.

SPEDSM-57019Missing Curriculums

Added the ability for administrators to control the keyword "Curricula." It will allow the district to control the standards that display in the IEP for user selection.

SPEDSM-53110NJ Graduation Proficiency Assessment (NJGPA) additions

Updated the following changes to the Graduation Proficiency Assessments:

  • Added a new test to the StateAssessments keyword table.
  • Added NJGPA to the IEP, Determinations/Assessments, District and State Assessments, State Assessment drop-down list with Math Graduation Proficiency and ELA Graduation Proficiency subjects.
  • Updated Reporting, Standard Reports, Public Assessment Participation Report: NJSLA Export Report for MATGP and ELAGP
  • Updated Reporting, Standard Reports, PowerSchool Export, NJ State Information 2/4 for State_Assessment Name = 1 (NJGPA & Math).

Keyword State Assessments

  • Inactivated PARCC, Grade 4-8 from the drop-down list.
  • Renamed ACCESS to ACCESS 2.0.
  • Admins can now control the "InUse" column to display test names.
SPEDDEV-21188NJ Smart: IEP Graduation/Attendance Data Integration

New data integration rule to flow data between PowerSchool Special Programs, IEP to PowerSchool SIS through a new S_NJ_STU_X file for Grade 12 students.

  • IEPGraduationCourseRequirement
  • IEPGraduationAttendance Requirement


1=The student has an exemption or modification to course requirements.

2= The student does not have an exemption or modification to course requirements.

  • District administrators will need to enable this rule if they wish.
  • NJ State 1-4 previously takes the place of the old S_NJ_STU_X file. If it still exists, it will be overwritten by the new file unless it is renamed before the update.
SPEDDEV-29852PowerSchool Export: New Jersey state information 3/4

Updated PowerSchool Export, New Jersey state information 3/4, and then ASMT_Refresh_Braille_ELA and ASMT_Closed_Caption_ELA to reflect the proper Yes or No.

SPEDSM-52282Report Extract, Genesis, Age 5 grade codes 01/09
  • Modified Keyword: = Placement PlacementCatTable from "Regular Education" to "80% or more of the school day in the presence of *general education students *(students included in the regular education setting at least 80% of the school day)."
  • Reporting, Standard Reports, Genesis Export, IEP Tracking Record (Tienet to Genesis) - Modified Row 9, FedPlacement, to report Age 5 (not 6) and grade = Preschool (Grade Code = 3H, 3F, 4H, 4F, 5H, PK) or Kindergarten (Grade Code=KG, KH) with Code 01 (PK) or Code 09 (School Aged or not Preschool grade codes).
SPEDSM-57818StateAssessments keyword table

Added the ability for an administrator to add custom keywords or indicate a keyword as "InUse" for the StateAssessments keyword table.

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