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SPSM-NJ_22.8.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: August 23, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-66330Curricula - Inactivate Books

Added the ability for administrators to control the curriculum display by selecting Keyword = Curricula and choosing Yes or No for the IEP or Gifted IEP forms.

SPEDSM-66329Eligibility Report: Eligibility Meeting Participants grid

Modified the Eligibility Meeting Participants to enable the rapid repeater functionality to add unlimited participants and not require to save to get a new row.

SPEDSM-56299IEP, Determination/Accommodations: NJ Start Strong

Added Start Strong State Assessment selection on an IEP.

  • Administrators can now manage the StateAssessments keyword.
  • Student's data flows to Profile, Assessment Participations.
  • Assessment Participation and a new report are available under Reporting, Standard Reports, Public Assessment Participation Reports, and then NJ Start Strong Report.
SPEDSM-66328IEP, Meeting Participants - Yes/No

Removed Yes or No checkboxes from the Signature column.

SPEDSM-62085Invitations & Speech Invitations: Regulatory Other COVID meeting reason

Modified the Purpose of Meeting = Other to include a stylized text box and a single insert statement. Administrators can now add or edit insert statements.
Please note that whether or not your child needs compensatory education and services as per Senate Bill S905 and P.L. 2022, c.2 has yet to be discussed.

SPEDSM-55284Request to Amend an IEP without a Meeting: PRISE Link
  • Added a Behavior Option = PRISELink to enable the display of PRISE information on the web. However, NJDOE has moved or removed the link, and we are waiting for NJDOE to resolve this issue.
  • Administrators do not enable this option.
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