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Ohio eSchoolPLUS Write-Back - 504 Program Tracking

Reg_Personal.Section_504_Plan and Reg_Program OH617

  1. Updates Reg_Program table OH617 Field 12
    A. Student ID
    B. District ID: PS SPED: Global Settings, {ThisDistrict}
    C. Program ID = OH617
    D. Field Number= 12
    E. StartDate
    F. Program_Value = Y
    G. EndDate
    H. Change_Date_Time
    I. Change_UID=SPED (Default)
    J. Program_Override = N (default)
    K. Summer_School=N (default)

  2. Updates Reg_Personal.Section_504 field with Y

eSchoolPLUS Student Personal Page

PowerSchool Student Profile / Section 504

WriteBack Logic


When {Five04Eligibility} = (Field #2) YES and {Section504EligMeetingDate} Report a Y, else N.

Reg_Program OH617

  • When {Five04Eligibility} (Field #2) = YES and {Section504EligMeetingDate} (Field #1) is populated and there is NO active Program OH617 record:

    • Create the OH617 record with Field 12

    • Program_Value = Y

    • StartDate= {Section504EligMeetingDate}

    • Add all other relevant fields listed one page 1 (e.g., changedate)

  • When {Five04Eligibility} (Field #2) = YES and {Section504EligMeetingDate} (Field #1) is populated and there IS an active Program OH617 record:

    • Do NOT update the Start date as this should be the original start date on when the student started 504 program. Note: PS SPED updates the Section504EligMeetingDate with the latest meeting but that will not always be the eSP StartDate

    • Update all other relevant fields listed one page 1 (e.g., changedate)

  • When {Five04Eligibility} (Field #2) = NO and there is no existing eSP Program OH617 record do not do anything.

  • When {Five04Eligibility} (Field #2) = NO and there IS an active eSP Program OH617 record:

    • Update the eSP EndDate (Field G) with {Section504EligMeetingDate}.

    • eSP Program_Value remains Yes

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