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Ohio eSchoolPLUS Write-Back - Services

Ohio - Placement and Services and Disability Determinations

Uploads Services to eSchoolPLUS: OH_EMIS_Programs Table

Uploads services that do not have an EMIS value starting with 215% from the PowerSchool Special Education RelatedService Keyword table.

  1. StudentID

  2. District_ID:

    • PowerSchool Special Education: Global Settings, {ThisDistrict}

  3. ProgramCode:

    • PowerSchool Special Education: Profile\EMIS
      {ServiceType} Keyword table=RelatedServices (ProgramCode (e.g. 211001))

    • eSchoolPLUS – Program List (see image below). Matches on the Code value

  4. Program Start Date: PowerSchool Special Education: Profile\EMIS {StartDate}

  5. Program Exit Date: PowerSchool Special Education: Profile\EMIS {EndDate}

  6. ChangeDateTime

  7. Change_UID

  8. List_Sequence (provide a unique number)

  9. Staff_ID is only filled in when the programcode = 220100: {ProviderLookup}

eSchoolPLUS Student Screen

PowerSchool Special Education Student Screens

Student Profile\EMIS

The screen footer lists the Program records. Click + to add to see the entire record in edit mode.

eSchoolPLUS Program List Code Table: Match on 'Code'

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