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SPSM-OH_22.9.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: September 29, 2022



Release Note

SPEDDEV-36672, SPEDDEV-36413

Add Extended School Year (ESY) field to export reports

Added the Extended School Year (ESY) field to the export reports, eSchoolPLUS Export EMIS (Plus360DistrictDefinedList), and PowerSchool - Enrollment - Special Programs 2.

SPEDSM-68925, SPEDSM-70047, SPEDSM-70199

Extended School Year (ESY) Services for EMIS reporting

  • Added Extended School Year (ESY) Services column in EMIS and Special Education Record profiles.

  • Added data flow for the Extended School Year (ESY) field from the IEP document ESY section.

  • Added the Extended School Year (ESY) to report Student Special Education Record.


Grade code and LRE

  • Corrected an issue in the IEP where the preschool LRE couldn’t be selected for grade code GPK Pre Kindergarten that was added to the Keyword Grade Table.

  • This issue was reported by Akron where they entered GPK Pre Kindergarten in the keyword grade table. This keyword was added and In Use is set to NO since it is not a state code. The administrator must edit the code to In Use to use it in the documents.


IEP - SDI/Services section - Stylized text issue

Corrected the formatting of stylized text in the SDI/Services section of the IEP document. It was because of an automatic refresh of the date fields in this section.


Individualized Education Program (IEP) corrects for amendments

Corrected an issue with a second amendment to the IEP document where the first amendment date was changed to the new amendment date. If an amended IEP is amended again, the amendment section will be added and the date in the previous amended area will not change.


Parent Consent for Evaluation PR-05 - prefilled signature dates

Added a document behavior property (DatePrefill) to the Parent Consent for Evaluation PR-05 document. It was to correct instances where some districts did not want the signature dates to be prefilled for digital signature. The behavior property is set to false. The administrator can override this property if needed.


Service Plan PR-07 document - Document action

Deactivated Invitation (PR-02) document action within the Service Plan PR-07 document. The document action prevented the Service Plan PR-07 document from being finalized if the invitation did not exist.


Export report - eSchoolPLUS Student IEPStatus

Corrected an issue in the eSPExport report - eSchoolPLUS Student IEPStatus for a discrepancy causing blanks in the Student IEP Status field.

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