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SPSM-ON_21.7.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: July 30, 2021



Release Note



Fixed an issue using a daily automated job, where staff who changed locations ("Works At" and "Alternate Staff Location") could still see and access students who belonged to their previous location in their caseloads.


PowerSchool Export report

Fixed an issue where un-finalizing a Statement of Decision document, editing the exceptionality drop-down list of any record, and finalizing it again would lead to duplicates in the SP Enrolment child profile and PowerSchool Export report.


Provincial Curriculum(2021)

Created the "Provincial Curriculum(2021) [ONPC1]" curriculum. This new curriculum is the same as the existing Provincial Curriculum [NEW] [ON], but the following subjects are updated for Grades 1 to 8:

  • Mathematics (updated with 2020 data)

  • Health and Physical Education (updated with 2019 data)


Student Contacts

When a student’s contact is removed from the PowerSchool SIS, that contact is also removed from the Demographics section of the Student Profile.

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