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SPSM-ON_23.4.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: April 6, 2023



Release Note


Class Staff Roster Import

Added a new import layout for class staff in the Ontario Model.


Confirmation of Continued Identification and Placement Document

The Confirmation of Continued Identification and Placement (IPRCIP) document no longer requires users to complete the staff use-only section before finalizing the document.


Curriculum Mapping

Revised the curriculum mapping in the IEP document for the following grades:

  • Grade 9 Math

  • Kindergarten


Digital Signature

Digital Signature is now available in the following documents:

  • ABAF - Complex Needs Services Report

  • Academic Assessment

  • Behavior Assessment and Intervention Plan

  • Professional Report


Gender Keyword Table

The Gender Keyword Table is now admin-editable for future edits.


Letter of Invitation

Modified the condition for selecting multiple exceptionalities in the Letter of Invitation document.


Request/Consent For Student Support Services

The second parent can now digitally sign the Request/Consent for Student Support Services Document.


SEA Claim Document

  • Created a new security group called SEA Claim Reviewer.

  • Users tagged to this security group can modify the office-use section.


SPEnrollment Profile

Modified the SPEnrollment profile and retained the following fields:

  • Enter Date

  • Exit Date

  • Placement

  • School ID

  • Exceptionality

  • Main Exceptionality Flag

  • IPRC Student Flag

  • IPRC Review Date

  • IEP Flag

  • Grade

  • School


Statement of Decision Document

  • The Statement of Decision Document no longer requires users to select Parent Signature Received before finalizing the document.

  • Made the effective date field editable on the Statement of Decision Document for teachers to specify when the IPRC plan will be implemented.


SEA Claim Principal security group

  • Created a new security group called SEA Claim Principal to review the Principal Review portion of the SEA Claim.

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