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SPSM-ON_24.2.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: February 22, 2024



Release Note


IEP Curriculum Banks

Added two new curriculum banks: Social Studies 2023 and Language 2023.



  • Updated the Current School Year field on the Transition Plan section of the IEP document to display the year from the school year in which the document is included.

  • Removed an extra row on the Report to Teachers section in the Human Resource table.


OSR Review and Special Education Profile

Updated the Special Education Profile and the OSR Review document to replace the label Pride with Gifted and Talented.


Statement of Decision

Corrected an issue on the Statement of Decision form that would generate an error when the user selected Fully Self-Contained Provincial Demonstration School on the Placement Decision area.


Statement of Decision, IEP, SP Enrollment Profile, Manage SPEnrollments Script

When the user selects Not Exceptional and finalizes the Statement of Decision document, the document flows the value, Regular Class with Indirect Service, in the Placement field of the Special Education profile. The user can no longer add a date greater than today’s date in the IPRC Meeting Date field.

SP Enrollment Profile: changed the summary page to sort the most recent on top based on the Enter Date.

Manage SPEnrollments Script changes include:

  • Whenever the script attempts to insert an Exit Date into the SP Enrollment Record, if the exit date is in the future, for example, the student’s Enrollment Exit Date on the Student Information profile, it will not insert the exit date into the SP Enrollment record.

  • When the script ends the previous SP Enrollment record, it will end the existing record a day before the new record. It eliminates overlapping dates.


New Profile - Student Guardians

Added a new profile named Student Guardians which is used for Parent/Student Portal access.


PowerSchool SIS StudentGuardians Import to Enable Parent Portal Access

Added the PowerSchool StudentGuardians import layout to the model; it now offers Parent/Guardian/Student PowerSchool Special Programs Portal Access.

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