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SPSM-OR_21.7.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: August 2, 2021



Release Note

SPEDSM-44922Abbreviated School Day

Set the "Revision Documents Enabled?" template property to Yes so that users can create revisions.

SPEDSM-43984Abbreviated School Day packet

Added the following sections to the Abbreviated School Day packet:

  • Meeting Notes
  • Prior Notice of Special Education Action
  • Special Education Notice of Team Meeting
SPEDSM-42202Address fields

Increased the maximum length of address-related fields in the following documents to 255 characters:

  • Evaluation Planning [FREI_SR]
  • Developmental Delay Eligibility Packet
  • School Age Forms
  • Section 504
SPEDSM-35210Classes Profile

Increased the maximum length of the “Name” field from 30 to 50 characters in order to accommodate longer names.

SPEDSM-45502Developmental Delay Eligibility document

The "Date of Initial Eligibility" field is no longer a required field.

SPEDSM-43982Eligibility: Specific Learning Disability

Fixed the business rules for Sections C, Question 3. If the user does not select anything for questions 1 or 2, questions 3 through 6 are no longer required.

SPEDSM-42471Eligibility: Specific Learning Disability

Fixed an issue where the “Date Conducted” field was not available.

SPEDSM-46641EligibilityCategories keyword table

Updated the following rows in the EligibilityCategories keyword table:

20Hearing ImpairmentDiscapacidad Auditiva
40Visual ImpairmentDiscapacidad Visual
50Communication DisorderDesorden de Comunicación
60Emotional DisturbanceTrastorno Emocional
SPEDSM-44192Emotional Disturbance packet

Added the following sections to the Emotional Disturbance packet:

  • Authorization/Protected Health Information (HIPAA)
  • Medical Statement or Health Assessment (Rev 3/14)
  • Meeting Notes
  • Prior Notice of Special Education Action
  • Special Education Notice of Team Meeting
  • Prior Notice and Consent for Initial Provision
SPEDDEV-21399eSchoolPLUS Student 504 Status

Updated the following reports so that they get student names in reports:

  • eSchoolPLUS Student 504 Status
  • eSchoolPLUS Student SE Status
  • eSchoolPLUS Student REF Status
SPEDSM-45503Evaluation Planning document

Updated the verbiage related to the “Decision to Evaluate” area to be more clear. The verbiage has been updated for Initial Evaluations and Initial Move-Ins (out-of-state).

SPEDSM-43983Evaluation Planning: Review of Existing Information/Student Referral

Fixed an issue where the text "Inperson" replaced the Language field.

SPEDSM-43622IEP: Demographics

Updated the "Re-Evaluation Due Date" field so that it is three years out minus one day.

SPEDSM-44591IEP: Services

Fixed an issue where the system accepted an End date that was prior to the Start date.

SPEDSM-40933IEP: Statewide Assessment

Modified the following areas so the Accessibility Support "Insert Statements" are now individual lists when users select either the "Standard" or "Extended Assessment" checkbox and then complete the "Accessibility Support" text field with the Insert Statement feature:

  • English Language Arts/Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Sciences
SPEDSM-44307 MilesMinutes keyword table

Made the MilesMinutes keyword table admin-editable, enabling changes to Spanish translations.

SPEDSM-35899PowerSchool OR Export

Removed all references to the state of Georgia from the PowerSchool OR Export (S_OR_STU_X).

SPEDSM-41993School Age Forms: Manifestation Determination

Added the following files:

  • Date of incident
  • Date of disciplinary removal
SPEDSM-42031Section 504 document

Added the “Authorization/Protected Health Information (HIPAA)” section to the Section 504 document.

SPEDSM-42986Staff Email

Updated the ability to add a Staff Email to the following documents:

  • Special Education Notice of Team Meeting (MeetNot)
  • Developmental Delay Eligibility Packet (DDElig)
  • TBI Eligibility
  • Oregon IEP (ORIEP)
  • Private School ISP
  • Pre-Referral (PRE_REF)
  • School Age Forms (ODE)
  • Evaluation (EvalPacket)
  • Medicaid (Medicaid)
  • Evaluation (FREI_SR)
SPEDSM-43110Student Contacts

When a student’s contact is removed from the PowerSchool SIS, that contact is also removed from the Demographics section of the Student Profile.

SPEDSM-35547Student Profile: Demographics/Enrollment

Added a new "District Program" field to the Demographics/Enrollment section within Student Profile so that users can track a student's district programs. The values available for this new field's drop-down are listed in the "Program" keyword table.

Note: Administrators can edit the "Program" keyword table to suit the school district's needs.

SPEDSM-43985TBI Eligibility: Credible History Interview

Fixed a typo in the “Developmental History” area. The word “feeing” is now correctly spelled “feeding.”

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