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SPSM-PA_21.1.1.0 Release Notes

Pennsylvania Release Dates



Release Note

SPEDSM-34274Evaluation Report and Re-Evaluation Report

Updated the Evaluation Report and Re-Evaluation Report as follows:

  • The School Student is Attending will now display the "Serving Location Override" if populated, otherwise displays "Serving Location." Previously the report displayed the home school.
  • On the Evaluation Team Participants section, the LEA Rep name now appears on the line above the description.
  • On the Evaluation Team Participants section, removed DocuSign from the LEA Representative Name.
  • On the Evaluation Team Participants section, added a non-required text field for each participant when DocuSign is disabled which can provide an area for staff to indicate the method of attendance (for example; via Zoom).
SPEDSM-36274IEP - PIMS Transition
  • Removed four Transition-related profile fields from the student PIMS Profile. Added four new PIMS Transition-related questions as per the Act 26 Transition and Work Experience Data Collection.
  • Updated the IEP form > Transition Planning section employment questions. Once the IEP form is finalized, the values will update the new questions on the PIMS student profile.

Note: The new Act 26 questions are effective for the 2020-2021 school year. The student's PIMS profile can be manually updated or IEP's can be unlocked/amended. Each school can determine the best process to update this data to ensure an accurate EOY 2020-2021 PIMS report.

The March Pennsylvania release will include changes to the PIMS EOY and PIMS December reports. It is important that the new transition questions on the PIMS profile are addressed now so that once the March release is deployed, the new values will be included in the report.

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