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SPSM-PA_21.11.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: December 3, 2021



Release Note

SPEDSM-42286"Next Eval/ReevalDue" for APS schools
  • Added a checkbox labeled "APS" in the Locations profile.
  • Updated the "Next Eval/ReevalDue" (found in the Student profile -Eligibility section) formula to display two years minus one day if the student's "Serving Location" (or "Serving Location Override" if the student has an override location) is a building where the APS checkbox has been selected. If the APS checkbox is not selected, the "Next Eval/ReevalDue" will display three years minus one day.
SPEDSM-49086Act16Codes keyword table

Updated the descriptions for keyword values.

SPEDSM-47114AmountofSpEdServices keyword table, PIMS Profile, and Penn Data Profiles
  • Updated the “AmountofSpEdServices” keyword table with the following values:
    • 01 - Itinerant
    • 02 - Reserved (formerly Resource)
    • 03 - Reserved (formerly Part-time)
    • 04 - Full-time
    • 05 - Reserved
    • 06 - Supplemental Resource
      Note to Administrators: Any changes or additions made to this keyword table will not reflect in the PIMS or Penn Data profiles.
  • PIMS Profile AND Penn Data Profile
    Removed the logic that displayed the following values for the “Amount of Special Education Services” field:
    • (Reserved) formerly Resource
    • (Reserved) formerly Part-time
    • Gifted
  • Penn Data Profile
    Updated the ”Amount of Special Education Services” to display the Code along with the description.
  • Eligibility Profile
    Widened the “Reporting Comment” field and moved it to a lower area of the page.

Fixed an issue in which executing the "COPY_STUDENT_CONTACTS_INTO_STUDENTS" update script caused an error due to field length inconsistency.

SPEDSM-50357DocuSign and Digital Signature

Implemented DocuSign and Digital Signature functionality for the following documents:

  • Agreement to Waive Reevaluation
  • Invitation to Participate in a Gifted Team Meeting
  • Notice of Intent to Reevaluate
  • Permission to Evaluate (Request Form)
  • Positive Behavior Support Plan
  • Section 504 - Manifestation Determination Review

Made the following updates to the Eligibility profile:

  • Changed the label from Psychological to Psychologist.
  • Changed the label from Psychiatric to Psychiatrist.
SPEDSM-50329Evaluation Report

Updated the data flow from the “Date of Report” date on the SAER template to the eligibility profile “Evaluation Report Date.”

SPEDSM-44958Gifted Individualized Education Plan and Gifted Written Report document

Made changes to the following documents:

  • Gifted Individualized Education Plan:
    • Renamed the Section Header and Flyout from "Goals, Outcomes & Instruction" to "Goals and Outcomes".
    • Made minor UI changes.
  • Gifted Written Report:
    • Replaced "Date of Report" with "Date Report Provided to Parents" and moved it in line with School and Grade.
    • Made minor UI changes.
SPEDSM-52292Invitation Letter

Fixed an issue where a parent’s name and email address would appear twice during the Digital Signature process.

SPEDSM-47854Invitation to Participate in a Gifted Team Meeting document and Notice of Recommended Assignment (NORA) document

Fixed an issue that caused the parents' names to be blank when Spanish translation was enabled.

SPEDSM-45011PIMS December 1st and PIMS EOY Reports

Updated field 71 to report the building name if the building code's last four digits are 9999 or 0000.

SPEDSM-51174Report: PIMS ACT 16

Modified the PIMS Act 16 report's student selection criteria to use the Globals Teacher's First Day of Previous School Year and Teacher's Last Day of Previous School Year fields for date comparisons instead of the Student's First Day Of Current School Year and Student's Last Day Of Current School Year fields, which are this year's dates.

SPEDSM-50544Report: Table 8A

Inactive students will not be included in the report.

SPEDSM-50071Section 504 - Eligibility
  • Added Docusign and eSignature functionality to this template.
  • Updated the DocuSign Status Report in the DocuSign folder under Standard Reports to include this form in the list or columns.
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