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SPSM-PA_21.8.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: August 31, 2021



Release Note

SPEDSM-36636504 Eligibility
  • Removed the Follow-up Meeting date field.
  • Updated the section action called Name. Changed to a red guidance message to "Non-lookup name requires a title."
  • Added a blank space between Serving School line and Parent/Guardian.
  • Added a new form behavior option called "EnableRemoteSigning." When this behavior option is selected, a non-required long textbox will appear for each signee. This feature can be used when the customer did not purchase the digital signing.
SPEDSM-32265Act 16 Report
  • Updated the report to use both the Previous IEP Implementation date and IEP Implementation date in the student selection criteria.
  • Updated the student selection criteria to include 7/1 through 6/30 of the Globals "Teacher's First Day of Last School Year" and Globals "Teachers Last day of Last School Year."
SPEDSM-34464ClassTypeTable keyword table

The ClassTypeTable keyword table is now admin-editable.

SPEDSM-42260Contact Integration: Contacts Script

Updated the "COPY_STUDENT_CONTACTS_INTO_STUDENTS" script to clear out the four contacts on the Demographics profile and reloads them, removing any contacts or parents that were removed from the PowerSchool SIS.

SPEDDEV-18753eSchoolPLUS Classification Export Report

Added eSchoolPLUS Classification to the model.

SPEDSM-45397Gifted IEP

Configured the form to include staff and non-lookup names via DocuSign.

SPEDSM-44957Gifted Notice of Intent to Reevaluate

Updated the form to match the state form dated February 2021.

  • Updated the PA Medical Assistance Billing Parental Notice located in the Procedural Safeguards section within the IEP form. 
  • The medical assistance billing pulls the contact name and phone number from Globals, Medical Billing Contact name, and Staff’s work telephone number. 
  • The date is pulled from the IEP meeting date field of the IEP cover page.

Updated the IEP to no longer pull the revision dates from the previous IEP when copying from another IEP form.


Updated the IEP form to no longer flow the following field values located on the Eligibility profile when the IEP is finalized and re-finalized:

  • IEP Implementation Date
  • Previous IEP Implementation Date
  • Added a new checkbox under D. Gifted Support Services labeled "Gifted Support Services are NOT provided in this IEP" on the IEP Services page. The checkbox and label are suppressed on print. The user shall select this box if the student does NOT have gifted services that are included within the IEP. The user cannot select the box or include services in section D.
  • Added footer on the bottom of every page labeled "February 1, 2020."
  • Added the ability to add statements in the three following areas on the Placement section: 
    • To what extent, if any, will the student participate with nondisabled peers in extracurricular activities or other nonacademic activities?
    • Explanation of the extent, if any, to which the student will not participate with students without disabilities in the regular education class.
    • Explanation of the extent, if any, to which the student will not participate with students without disabilities in the general education curriculum.
SPEDSM-6286Initial PWN and Reevaluation PWN

If a student was in a 504 program and exited but is now re-qualified for the 504 program, when the eligibility form is finalized, it will remove the 504 Exit Date as the student is now active 504.


Fixed an issue where the parent's name and address would not appear on the translated document.


Expanded the "contactlookup_email" field to allow the user to enter more than 20 characters.

SPEDSM-44460Penn Data Table 8A Report

Updated the student selection criteria to include students with an evaluation date (For example, 7/15/2021) outside of the staff school year (9/1/2021-6/4/2022) indicated on the Globals screen. The report will now include evaluations conducted from 7/1 to 6/30 of the school year.

SPEDSM-45501PIMS Reports

Updated the field header descriptions for fields 73-76 on the following reports to match the PIMS State documentation:

  • PIMS Special Education Snapshot EOY Report
  • PIMS Special Education Snapshot December Report
SPEDSM-3536Placement & PIMS Profiles

Updated the PIMS and Placement Profiles to show the state code for the following fields:

  • Amount of Special Education Services
  • Type of Support
  • Educational Environment
SPEDDEV-22094PowerSchool - Staff Import and Staff Change Notification Import Layouts

Updated the two import layouts to integrate the staff’s email into PowerSchool Special Programs.

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