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SPSM-PA_22.8.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: August 31, 2022

ReferenceSummaryRelease Note
SPEDSM-60369Age Variance Waiver

Added an area for Age Variance Waiver to the Procedural Safeguard section in the School Age IEP document.

SPEDSM-53959Invitation Letter revised for students

Revised the Invitation Letter to print for students 14 or older when selected.

SPEDSM-64756Keyword Table: County Table

Corrected the misspelling for counties Crawford and Somerset in the County Keyword Table.

SPEDSM-60795Penn Data Diagnostic report

Corrected the Penn Data Diagnostic report to use the correct Preschool grade levels.

SPEDSM-60018Permission to Evaluate and Permission to Reevaluate Documents

Revised the Permission to Evaluate and Permission to Reevaluate documents to match state document changes.

SPEDSM-57455Revised code in 504 Plan document to allow easy edits

Revised code in the 504 Plan document to allow for easy-edit changes to area field labels.

SPEDSM-52972School Age IEP - DocuSign and eSignature

Modified the age requirement on the School Age IEP document, so students 14 or older can sign when selected for DocuSign and eSignature. Previously only students 18 or older could sign.

SPEDSM-58118Special Programs Enrollment Profile updated

Modified the update script so all data, including the Special Ed exit date, will correctly populate the Special Programs Enrollment child profile.

SPEDSM-59425Updated several documents to include middle name and lineage

Updated the following documents to include middle name and lineage:

  • School Age IEP
  • Notice of Recommended Educ. Placement (NOREP)
  • Invitation Letter – Middle name already present. Add Lineage
  • Initial Evaluation PWN and Consent
  • Reevaluation PWN and Consent

eSchoolPlus Export reports modified

The following eSchoolPlus Exports were modified to correct an issue where the IEPStatus field would send a blank value for some students.

  • eSchoolPLUS Student 504 Status

  • eSchoolPLUS Student REF Status

  • eSchoolPLUS Student SE Status

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