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SPSM-PA_23.6.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: June 22, 2023



Release Note


Gifted and Section 504 Documents

Modified the Gifted and Section 504 documents header to avoid printing duplicate city names.


Initial Evaluation PWN and Consent

  • Resolved an issue where a digitally signed document would not display the Parent/Guardian/Surrogate signature. The document will now capture the Parent/Guardian/Surrogate signature.

  • The Daytime Phone field will now display the Phone number instead of the Parent/Guardian/Surrogate name during and after the digital signature.


Invitation Letter

Modified the document to include students without lineage for digital signature. Earlier, students without lineage were not included in the signing process while sending the document for digital signature.


Invitation Letter - Separate letters

Corrected issue where the separate Invitation Letter was printing twice for students that are under the age of 14 years.


Invitation Letter: Missing Student's name

Modified the Invitation letter to display the student’s name in the Salutation, Student’s Address, and Signature lines.


Invitation Letter: Text Changed

Corrected the text “in your's child” to “in your child’s” in this statement - Discuss possible changes in your child’s current IEP and revise it as needed.


Act16Codes Keyword Table

Changed the PIMS code to match the description codes in the Act16Codes keyword table.


Notice of Recommended Education Placement (NOREP)

Modified the documents to display the Student’s First and Last Name in the same line while printing and in the generated PDFs, which were split into two lines earlier.


Notice of Recommended Education Placement (NOREP)

  • Corrected the dataflow from NOREP document to special education eligibility NOREP Date fields to not update when Parental Initial Consent is blank or No.

  • The NOREP Date will be updated only when the first checkbox under Type of action taken is selected, the Date of Receipt is entered, and Parental Initial Consent is Yes.


PowerSchool PA State Reporting (S_PA_STU_X)

Modified report column named Challenge_Type_Code, so that it will not show any value in cases where the Special_Ed_IEP_Code is left blank.


Profile Eligibility and IEP Meeting Participants dataflow

Made following changes in IEP Meeting Participants and corrected dataflow for Special Education Teacher:

  • Removed text (Case Manager) from the label Special Education Teacher (Case Manager).

  • Corrected the dataflow for Special Education Teacher to update only Special Education Teacher in eligibility profile. This was earlier updating Case Manager too in the eligibility profile.

  • Added a new placeholder for Case Manger in IEP Meeting Participants, and data will now flow from this new field to the eligibility profile Case Manager and vice versa.

  • Configured digital signature for Case Manager.


Profile Eligibility Section

Corrected the logic for calculating 60 calendar days for evaluation and reevaluation in the student eligibility profile. This will be calculated from the day of permission to evaluate or reevaluate is received, making exactly 60 days.


Reevaluation PWN and Consent and Initial Evaluation PWN and Consent

Before this release, the two documents, Reevaluation PWN and Consent and Initial Evaluation PWN and Consent, would print one single letter with both the parent/guardian’s addresses at the top of the page, and this had to be printed twice if it needs to be sent to the mother and father separately. The documents have been modified to print a separate copy of the letter to each Parent/Guardian, including only their address. With sensitive custody situations where the address of one guardian is not to be shared with the other, this enhancement would reduce the likelihood that the district mistakenly shares the address.


School Age IEP: Communication Plan

  • Updated the Communication Plan within the School Age IEP to match the latest State version. Any School Age IEP created after the release will display the latest version of the Communication Plan.

  • Retired the current Communication Plan section.

  • Staff can create the Communication Plan as a stand-alone document too. The stand-alone form is placed immediately after the School Age IEP document.


School Age IEP: Meeting Participants section

Before this release, newly added non-look-up entries would be deleted even before saving or modifying any data. The Meeting Participants section has been modified to save the newly added non-look-up entry.


School Age IEP: Progress Report Section

The date field within Progress Report now is editable so that staff can change the current date entered (by default) while adding the progress report if needed.


Section 504: Plan

Removed erroneous warnings related to duplicate editable fields in Section 504 - Plan document template.


Staff Profiles Reactivate and Deactivate

Provided the option to reactivate and deactivate multiple staff profiles.


Written Notice/Consent Digital Signature Configuration

Before this release, Digital Signature was configured only for the Notice of Proposal in the document. Now Digital Signature is configured for Notice of Refusal too.


eSP exports report 'eSchoolPLUS Student SE Status (studentIEPStatus)'

Resolved an issue where the IEP Implementation Date populated the Special Ed start date when exporting to eSchoolPLUS.

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