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SPSM-RI_21.11.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: November 19, 2021



Release Note

SPEDSM-50650Digital Signature

Added Digital Signature to the following documents:

  • RTI
    • Notification of Personal Plan
  • Special Education
    • Alternate Assessment
    • Behavior Assessment and Intervention Plan
    • Consent for Medicaid School-Based Services
    • ESY
    • IEP Team Member Attendance Excusal
    • IEP Team Review - Reevaluation
    • Individualized Education Program
    • Parent/Student Meeting Notification
    • Prior Written Notice
    • Review of Evaluation/Re-Evaluation Report
    • Virtual Meeting Notice
  • Section 504
    • Authorization for Release/Exchange of Information
    • Section 504 - Eligibility
    • Section 504 - Manifestation Determination Review

In documents where it is required to select a checkbox to sign digitally, the staff will need to select the checkbox before finalizing. However, parents can change the checkbox selection during the Digitial Signature process. Digital Signature is available only to School Districts that have purchased it. Contact your sales representative for more information.

SPEDSM-51562Individualized Education Program Form

Added Extended Time as an option under State Assessment Accommodations when the assessment type is “SAT” or “NGSA.”

SPEDSM-51467Updates to Child Outcomes Summary Form

Made the following changes:

  • All Sections
    • Added the COS Meeting field.
    • Moved the EI Transition under COS Exit Date.
    • Relabeled the COS A/B/C Entry to COS Entry Date.
    • Relabeled the COS A/B/C Exit Date to COS Exit Date.
    • Removed the Exit Reason field.
  • COS Section A
    • Changed the drop-down to a text entry field with at least one of them being a required field.
    • Removed the Average label and field.
SPEDSM-51305Workflow Case Types

Added three workflow case types for special education students:

  • Initial IEP
  • Annual Review
  • Triennial Evaluation
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