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SPSM-RI_22.6.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: June 30, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-61254Accommodations Keyword Table
  • Updated the Accommodations Keyword Table to be admin-editable for future changes.
  • Increased the character length from 100 to 255 for the Description_es column.
SPEDSM-64011Child Outcome Summary Form

Merged all the individual textboxes to a single one for capturing outcome-related information in the COS A section.

SPEDSM-55690Digital Signature

Added Digital Signature to the following documents:

  • ESY Referral Packet
  • Parent/Student Meeting Notification
SPEDSM-56808Educational Environment Section

Modified the checkboxes to be editable in the Educational Environment section.

SPEDSM-50397GuardianRlationTable Keyword Table

Updated the GuardianRlationTable keyword table to be admin-editable for future changes.

SPEDSM-64010Individualized Education Program

Added an option to enter the second date in the Supplementary Aids and Services section of the IEP document.

SPEDSM-64006Meeting Notes Document

Added Annual Review as an option under Meeting Reasons.

SPEDSM-64004Prior Written Notice Document
  • Modified the document behavior to include the description of the evaluation attachment when consent is given for evaluations.
  • Added a textbox for staff to enter reasons for a school district wishing to pursue specific actions for a student.
  • Both the checkboxes under 10 Day School Notice Waiver are now editable.
  • Modified the ‘Date of Action’ field to be editable so that staff users can adjust the date per requirement.
SPEDSM-62180Renaming of RTI Document

Renamed the following documents in line with latest state rules:

  • RTI Referral to MTSS Referral
  • RTI Team Forms to MTSS Team Forms

Response to Intervention (RTI) would now be known as Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS).

SPEDSM-59424Review of Evaluation/Re-Evaluation Report Document

Added the capability for additional attendees to sign the document digitally.

SPEDSM-56583Student Intervention Plan (Behavior) Document

Added a drop-down to select the tier of the Intervention Group Size.

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