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SPSM-RI_23.6.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: June 22, 2023



Release Note


Digital Signature

Added digital signature functionality for all parents in the Review of Evaluation/Re-Evaluation Report document. Now, the parents who receive letters can sign them digitally.


Non-lookup option for staff fields

Added a non-lookup option for staff for the following documents:

  • Personal Literacy Plan [PLP]

  • Personal Behavior Plan [PBP]

  • Personal Mathematics Plan [PMP]

  • Parent/Student Meeting Notification [PARNOT]


Career Development Plan Document

Added new sections in Career development plan document as below,

  • My Career Development Plan (14-16yr)

  • My Career Development Plan (17-19yr)

  • Employment Career Development Plan (20yr +)


Gender Keyword Table

Added Non - binary option in Gender Keyword Table

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