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Configure Digital Signature

  1. From the Administration menu, choose Configuration.
  2. On the Configuration page, click Settings, and navigate to the Digital Signature Settings tab.
  3. Verify that the Digital Signature Enabled field is set to Yes.
  4. Select the Document Delivery Options.
  5. Choose a Default Routing Order for signature requests.
    1. Send to staff first, then to non-staff - Special Programs will send the signature request to staff signers first. After all staff signers have signed, the system will send the request to non-staff signers.
    2. Send to all signers at the same time - Special Programs will send the signature request to all signers at once.
  6. Choose one of the following PDF Create Options:
    1. One PDF with all signers' responses - Special Programs will create one PDF file with all signers' responses.
    2. Separate PDFs for each non-staff signer when responses differ - Special Programs will create a PDF for all non-staff signers if there is a difference in the signers' responses. The system will create one PDF file if all non-staff signers' responses are identical. PDFs will include all staff signatures.

  7. Choose the field that you want to use to populate the Staff Email.
  8. Select if you want to Notify staff when a signed document is modified. If you select this option, a message will display at the document level if the document is changed after the signature process is complete.
  9. Review the list of Digital Signature Ready Document Templates. If no documents are listed, your database configuration is not updated to support Digital Signature. Contact PowerSchool for more information.
    1. If you select Disable Digital Signature for Staff Users, Digital Signature will only send signature requests for the selected document to non-staff users; for example, parents, guardians, and students.
  10. Click Save Settings.
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