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Configure Document Template

Review the document templates configured for Digital Signature on the Digital Signature Settings page.

Open the Document Template

  1. From the Administration menu, choose Configuration.
  2. On the Configuration page, click Settings, and navigate to the Document Templates tab.
  3. Select the Zoom icon (magnifying glass) for the document template you want to review.

Configure Digital Signature 

  1. On the template, choose More, then choose Configure eSignature.
  2. Choose Edit eSignature Properties.
  3. Select the default email Language.
  4. Enter a custom Subject and Blurb for the email. If you do not enter a subject or blurb, Special Programs sends the default email for signature requests.
  5. Enter the number of Days Until Expiration for the signature request.
  6. To allow a signature request when the document is in a Review status, select Allow Submit Review Document
  7. Enter additional signers for the document as needed.

Disable or Enable Guided Signing

Use the template properties to control whether signers can use Guided Signing.

  1. From the Setup menu on the document template, select Properties.
  2. Select Edit Properties.
  3. Select or deselect Disable Guided Signing.
  4. Click Accept.

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