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Configure Time Zone

Time zone settings are used to accurately time-stamp the audit log, messages, announcements, and other communications. Primarily, the system depends on its servers being set with an accurate time clock and time zone, which is handled either by PowerSchool or by the school district data center, depending on where PowerSchool Special Programs is hosted. Since the school district may not be in the same time zone as the host servers, you can define the local time zone in the configuration settings.

You must sign in as a security administrator to edit the time zone.

  1. From the Administration menu, click Configuration.
  2. On the Configuration page, click Settings, then click the Time Zone Settings tab.
  3. In the Date/Time field, use the arrow icons to adjust the time zone value in parentheses so that the time is correct for your time zone.
  4. In the Daylight Savings field, indicate whether your school district observes daylight savings, then click Set.
  5. In the Date Picker Time Range fields, specify a time range for date and time fields and click Set. Time range fields include time pickers in service records, calendars, and documents.
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