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Create and Manage the Reporting Snapshot Database

System administrators at locations hosted by PowerSchool can create and manage their reporting snapshot database.

Create a Database

You can have only one active reporting snapshot database. When you create a new reporting snapshot database, it will overwrite an existing database.

  1. From the Administration menu, choose Utilities.
  2. From the Select Utility menu, select Create Reporting Snapshot Database.

  3. To create a new database, click Create Reporting Snapshot Database. The status changes to Creation Pending.
  4. When prompted, confirm the email address to be notified when complete.

The Current Snapshot Status displays with the creation date.

Log into the Database

Log in as a system administrator or staff member with the proper permissions.

  1. Click your user profile icon, then Switch to Snapshot. After you have switched to the snapshot database, a banner displays to indicate that you are within the database.

  2. To exit and return to the production database, click your user profile icon, then choose Exit Snapshot.
If the Switch to Snapshot option is not available, you are not authorized to use this utility. If you are a system administrator and cannot access the Switch to Snapshot option, sign out and back in.
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