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Special Programs uses import layouts for each type of information that it receives from PowerSchool SIS. For example, Students, Sections/Classes, and Staff. These import layouts contain information about field mapping between PowerSchool SIS and Special Programs.

View Import Layouts

  1. From the Administration menu, choose Assume System Admin Role. If you do not see this option, then you are not authorized to do this.
  2. Enter a reason for assuming the Admin Role. Then enter your System Admin Passcode and click Sign In.
  3. From the Administration menu, choose Configuration.
  4. Click the Integration tab to review the list of import layouts. There are typically two import layouts for each type of information imported from PowerSchool SIS.
    • Continuous Import Layouts are used for the initial population of the PowerSchool Special Programs database as well as regular comprehensive rolling updates that occur during off-peak hours.
    • Change Notification Import Layouts are used for change notification events where PowerSchool SIS notifies Special Programs that an individual record has been added or updated allowing Special Programs to pick up the change. Additionally, this type of import layout is used to support manually updating records on demand. 
  5. Click the magnifier icon next to a layout to review detailed field mapping, settings, and log information.
  6. View the field mappings here. The names of the PowerSchool Special Programs fields are on the left, and the PowerSchool source field is on the right.
  7. Click this link to view the result of the last import. Clicking Import Logs will show you more logs for other import attempts. You can navigate to other logs by clicking on the associated magnifier icon.
    • For each import, the overall result will be one of the following:
      • Failed Imports: These imports are instances where data did not successfully import. Issues such as being unable to connect to the server, incorrect Client ID or Client Secret, or the data that was read not being compatible with what PowerSchool Special Programs expects are a few examples of Failed Imports. As a result, the attempt was terminated, and no data was committed to PowerSchool Special Programs.
      • Success with Row Issues: These imports were completed and data was updated, but there are some rows that could not be imported due to invalid data, or constraints were in place that prevented those particular rows from completing.
      • Successful Imports: Data was imported without any issues.

Manually Update a Record from PowerSchool

In the event that a relevant data modification in PowerSchool did not make it across to PowerSchool Special Programs yet, or a user wishes to ensure that the most recent data from PowerSchool is in PowerSchool Special Programs at the current time, a manual update can be performed from within PowerSchool Special Programs, as shown below:

From within PowerSchool Special Programs, navigate to the profile to be updated and then select Moreā€¦ > Refresh Profile from Student Information System

A message will come up stating that the refresh was successful. Any fields that have changed as a result will also be displayed here.

Ignore Locations for Import

It is not uncommon for districts to have schools entered in the SIS that are no longer active (closed) or only active at some parts of the year (summer schools). For processing efficiency, it makes sense to not process these locations all the time. A district can configure a custom field on locations named IgnoreForIntegration that is a logical value (data or calculated) that, when present, the integration will use to determine if the location should be processed.

For example, to handle the closed school scenario a simple solution is to add a logical value data field named IgnoreForIntegration that, when checked, indicates the location should not be processed. To handle the summer school scenario, a calculated field can be introduced, named IgnoreForIntegration, that returns true if the current date is not in the summer and the school is a summer school.

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