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Ignore Locations

Ignore Processing Certain Locations

It is not uncommon for a district to have schools in their SIS that should not always be processed, and in some cases ideally never processed. For example, summer schools are only active during the summer – it consumes integration time to process these schools during the normal school year. Another example is when a school is closed – it may still exist in the SIS but is wasteful to process the integration for these.

The integration can be optimized to skip certain locations by adding an IgnoreForIntegration field. The IgnoreForIntegration field contains a logical value (data or calculated). When this evaluates to true, then the location is ignored by the integration until it evaluates to false.

For a multi-valued field, all values are evaluated, and if any result is true, then the location will be ignored until they all evaluate to false again.


Suppose we would like the integration to only process summer schools in the summer and not process closed schools at all. To accomplish this, we add a logical field to Locations named Closed. We also add 2 date fields to Locations: OpenDate and CloseDate.

The resulting formula can be:


(CurrentDate() <= OpenDate OR CurrentDate() >= CloseDate))

This formula will be true if the location is marked as closed or CloseDate and OpenDate have values and the current date is outside of that range (before it opens or after it closes). Remember that a true value means that it will be ignored during integration.

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