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Replace Data in Multiple Profiles

You must sign in as a system administrator to replace data in multiple profiles.

  1. Click Administration, then choose Utilities.

  2. In the Data Utilities field, choose the profile type (for example, Students).

  3. From Select Utility, choose to replace fields for the profile type (for example, Replace Student Fields).
    If this option is not available, you do not have access to the utility.

  4. Enter a formula to specify the criteria of the profiles that you want to edit.

  5. In Field to replace, select the field for which you want to replace the data.

  6. In Replace With, choose the type of value you want to use to replace data:

    • To replace the data with the same value for each profile, select Specific Value.

    • To replace the data with a value calculated from other fields, select Calculated Values.

  7. Click Continue.

  8. On the search results page, enter the replacement value in the selected field. If you selected Calculated Values, enter the formula in the selected field.
    The current values that will be replaced, if any, are displayed in the column corresponding to the selected field.

  9. You can either update the values for individual profiles or all profiles listed:

    • To replace values in individual profiles, select the profiles and click Replace Field for Profiles Checked Above (where Profiles is the profile type).

    • To replace values in all profiles that meet your search criteria, click Replace Field for All ## Profiles (where ## is the number of profiles and Profiles is the profile type).

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