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Special Programs

PowerSchool Special Programs version is available as of April 2, 2021.



Release Note

Easy EditAdmins can now track Easy Edit draft, published, or deleted edits on the Audit Log page.
Easy Edit

Document edits can now be viewed on the read-only HTML tab in Easy Edit.


For users who switch between locations and have the Current Location menu on their home page, there is now a Search All Locations option for quick and advanced searches. Select this option to search all locations listed in the Current Location menu. Unselect this option to search only the location selected in the Current Location menu. Users can set this option as a default in their user options, and admins can set the option for all staff users.

Resolved Issues


Release Note

DocuSign Integration

In some instances, completed DocuSign PDFs are not shown as a document attachment and can only be viewed by going to IEP document > More> View Docusign details. This issue is now resolved.

Easy EditUsers are unable to add fields in Easy Edit. This issue is now resolved.
PowerSchool IntegrationIn some instances, the Review and Acknowledgement feature is prompting for reauthentication. This issue is now resolved.
System Administration UtilitiesResolved issues with constraining a user's membership in a security group to the specific location(s) specified by the system administrator.
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