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Special Programs

PowerSchool Special Programs version is available as of April 30, 2021.



Release Note

PowerSchool SIS Integration

Districts can now apply a custom logical field, IgnoreForIntegration, to the Location profile that will exempt locations from continuous integration.

For example:

  • Exclude a school that has been permanently closed by adding IgnoreForIntegration as a data field. When this field is selected, the location will not be integrated.
  • Exclude a summer school by adding IgnoreForIntegration as a calculated field that returns true if the current date is not in the summer, and the school is a summer school.

Resolved Issues


Release Note

DocuSign IntegrationResolved an issue where clicking on a finalized, signed document landed on an error page.

Easy Edit

Resolved an issue where once text was published and saved in Easy Edit, the links appeared as normal text. Links in Easy Edit text now save as hyperlinks.
Easy EditResolved issues where the save function was behaving inconsistently in Easy Edit.
Service CaptureResolved an issue within the Service Calendar in Service Capture where an error was displayed when users attempted to schedule future services for students.
Standard ReportsResolved an issue that occurred when using case values as the sort expression in list reports based on workflow cases.
Workflow Case ManagementResolved an issue where staff profiles were unable to create workflow cases for students. Staff users with the correct security permissions can now create new workflow cases.
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